Your happiness in a relationship will also depend upon knowing if you're partner truly loves you. If you want to know whether your man truly loves you or may be losing interest in you then you can read the simple tips that is provided in this article.

A good and healthy relationship takes two individuals to make it work. Your boyfriend or husband needs to let you feel the love and respect that you want to receive from him if he wants the relationship to last.

Generally, men are normally not good in showing nor expressing their emotions to the ones they love. However, there are still important signs that you can tell in order to know if your man truly loves you.

Men usually pay attention to the daily routines of their someone special and are interested in knowing them. If your boyfriend or husband no longer pays attention to the things that you do every day including the things that you have interest on, then this could be a negative sign. A man who truly takes interest in his woman's daily life is a positive sign that he cares about her feelings and well being. A simple inquiry such as, "Hey, how was your day honey?" can make a partner feel that what she does is also important to her man.

He should also remember your likes and dislikes as well as talk to you after coming from work or once he visits you. If he instantly takes the TV remote and watch while you're cooking or preparing food for him and no longer shares his interests with you such as talking about the latest gadget in the market or news about his favorite sport then this is another negative sign especially if he used to discuss these things with you before. A guy who truly cares for your well-being will not try to change you, but accepts wholeheartedly for who you are as a unique person.

Any man who is deeply in love with his girlfriend or wife wants to go home early in order to be with her. You can happily receive a loving and instant smile once he sees you. Once he is done changing his work clothes then he may even start to pay attention to what you are talking and is also willing to help you in your daily chores. Although some women want the things done alone most of the time especially if they see their partner very tired after doing a heavy work the whole day outside the house.

Calling you anytime in a day to talk about things that matter to him is also a sign that your boyfriend cares about how you feel. Canceling his friend's outing just to spend time with you is another sign that he truly enjoys your company and truly loves to be with you. Generally, men who are willing to bring the relationship to the next level and is truly in love with a woman will bring her around to meet his close friends and family. A lot of men are afraid of being grilled in front of their close friends or loved ones that's why they will not bring just anyone else around unless he considers you a very important person in his life. Making plans and scheduled dates to spend time with you more often is a good sign that you are truly his special someone. 

If your guy is proud and happy while introducing you to his family and close friends as well as care about your family, relatives and close friends too, then you can tell that he also values and cares for the ones whom you love and care about. This is also a positive sign that he is not selfish, although there's no guarantee that he will continue to be this way because "some" men will change after or later on especially after marrying the woman whom they say they love. This will depend upon each man's character and attitude too, so try to observe your boyfriend before actually taking the relationship into the next level.

Spending his money gladly on the things which you like that are also practical and necessary is another way of showing you that he loves you more than money itself. Having a stingy partner is one of the most difficult challenges that any woman will have when it comes to financial aspects in a serious and long-term relationship. Observe your man if he also happily plans some future dates with you. Simply surprising you with two concert tickets of your favorite artist or movie is a nice way of telling you that he cares for your passion and interests in life. A thoughtful partner can give you lots of inspiration as well as make the relationship strengthen in a whole new perspective if you're truly in his heart. is protected by COPYSCAPE against online plagiarists who steal original content on the web.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Women should always remember that men who are really in love are more than willing to wait when it comes to physical intimacy. These men are even careful with the words they speak when they talk to the woman whom they really love. A man who is truly in love does not want to spoil anything just by saying nonsense things or doing something stupid because of the fact that he is already sure of what he truly feels for you.

  • Remember that if a man is forced into a serious commitment just because a woman is pregnant, then there is a big tendency that this marriage may not succeed. Love comes in a natural way and through a genuine feeling and not by any kind of force or control.

A man who truly loves you will start to talk about the future of your relationship. He may start the conversation as a joke but once he can sense that you're ready to have a committed and long-term relationship with him then he will get serious about the topic. He may talk to you about marriage, family planning, kids, and where the two of you will reside or live because he already wants to focus his time about the two of you living together as a couple.

Another way of determining if your man truly loves you is if he really shows respect for you as well as praise you in front of other people. Take note that other men will just keep on saying the words, "Honey, I really love you" but their actions can sometimes go in opposite directions. A man who is in love with his woman knows how to pamper her and takes responsibilities to help her so that she can have a simple and comfortable life. A man doesn’t need to buy expensive things just to win a woman's heart.

Your man will remember the important 
dates in your life such as your birthday including your anniversary although there are some men who have poor memories so try to excuse them. His mood and behavior changes into a positive one when you come around and he takes notice of the slightest details every time he has a conversation with you. He loves to be affectionate with you like touching your cheek, caressing your hands or whispering those loving words in your ear. He can just contently lay there beside you especially in your worst moments in life.

One important sign to know if your man truly loves you as his woman is by providing you the "care and attention" you deserve especially when you're not feeling well. He should visit and call to check on you often as well as ask you what you need during the times that you're sick or ill.

Remember that men usually don't show their feelings easily as women do, so I hope this article was able to give you some important hints so that you may be able to tell if your special someone really loves you or not. Oftentimes, a man's actions could speak louder than words, and this is the way that you can tell his true feelings for you. Indeed, anyone needs some reassurance about their special someone.

These are some important signs that you can tell if your man truly loves you. If your man is showing most of the positive signs in this article then you're a lucky partner. However, avoid being so judgmental because men have different personalities, issues and situations in life. Your man may be secretly suffering from something (illness or personal problem) that could have affected in the way he is treating you. He may also have a secret affair that is why he is no longer interested in you. Whatever it is, don't easily get upset or angry. Be mature enough to talk calmly with your special someone in life of how you feel and accept the things that you can't change.

Continue to have faith because love is always available for you. All you have to do is think and act positive because as long as you live, miracles can happen and true love is one of them.

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A woman is sometimes confused of how to determine the true signs when a man is indeed serious about his intentions to her. Well, a woman should stop being confused because there are real signs that a man will absolutely show if he is truly in love with her.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Common sense
  • Self-respect
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      Observe how a man tries his best to get your attention first and please you. If a man wants a long term relationship with a woman, he will absolutely respect her and never be in a hurry to get into any physical relationship. He would rather give more time in knowing you more and is eager to nurture the friendship as the start of a loving relationship.

    • 2

      Take note that as the two of you get more closer together, he would want to be known by the people closest to your heart like your family and friends. This man is not afraid to be asked any questions from them and is willing to participate in family and friendly gatherings.

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      Keep in mind that if your man's love is pure and true, he is willing to wait when you are ready for his offered love and devotion. Know that this man's patience, kindness and understanding will always be there in his heart when it comes to you if he is truly in love with you.

    • 4

      Open your mind and heart because you will know if a man is really in love with you because he will constantly show respect and kindness towards you and to the people whom you also love. He will always think of your safety and be protective but not to the point of being controlling and possessive. In short, this man will be your knight in shining armor and this is one of the real signs of true love.

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