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A man needs a partner in life. He wants someone who will be there for him not only during the tough times but be there for him to give undivided attention. 

When a woman is capable to do this need on a regular basis then she will become the most important person in his life. Most women enter into love relationships with their good intentions of keeping things almost perfect everyday because women has the tendency to care more and sometimes forget in taking good care of themselves. 

This will only lead to a lot of stress to a woman's part that tend to break the relationship. Below are some suggestions on how to make a man want and desire you wholeheartedly.


What you'll need:

  • Love
  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Self-respect
  • Thoughtfulness
    • 1

      Remember that a confident, loving and independent woman is really attractive to any man. Men love that their women not only will take good care of them but also themselves. 

      Any man will want and desire a woman wholeheartedly who is mature enough to face the challenges in life.

    • 2

      Make sure to have a serene place and wonderful time to be together in a loving way to get more closer to each other everyday. Take time to talk no matter how busy your schedules are and eat together as a couple. 

      A man will want and desire a woman wholeheartedly if she knows how to deal peacefully with what's going on in their lives as a couple.

    • 3

      Avoid committing the same mistake that most women often commit. Usually, a woman thinks that the way to keep her man is by giving him anything he wants. 

      Some men will be glad that you do these things for them but sooner or later they get tired because there is no longer a challenge for them to please their partners. There should always be a good balance if women want to have a healthy relationship with their men.

    • 4

      Recognize his uniqueness and individuality. Never compare your man to anyone and acknowledge his accomplishments in life. 

      Men love to be appreciated sometimes and letting him know that he is the most special in your life is truly one of the greatest things that he shall treasure.

    • 5

      Thoughtfulness plays a big part in a man's heart. Giving any small gift that means a lot to him is important in a loving relationship. Oftentimes, women tend to receive more from men but remember that men sometimes love to receive meaningful gifts from women too. 

      When a man receives any gift from the woman he loves, it truly shows that she is thinking about him. By giving your man a personalized gift, then it also shows that you recognize his uniqueness and individuality.

Tips & Warnings

  • Men prefer to be with a woman who can truly enjoy life no matter how difficult her situation is in. 

    A positive outlook and good humor are wonderful attributes that men look in women.

  • Do not nag and take full control of your relationship situations. 

    Give your man a chance to be there for you as the gentleman and never forget to appreciate the good things that he has done and presently doing for you.



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