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How to Maintain an Online Relationship

Once you can meet your special someone online and that person feels the same way too then this is a very good start to maintain and build a loving relationship online. When this happens, both of you can't even wait for the long awaited email everyday or the next scheduled chat. You can't even imagine that that two of you are in a "Long Distance Relationship" or some singles would call it as LDR. Sending emails everyday and a simple online greeting card on special occasions while still dating can even display your intention to build a future together that will lead into marriage.

Did you know that consistency of correspondence is very important? As long as there is constant communication between two people who are trying to build a strong relationship, physical separation can be solved in many ways. Instead of looking on the negative aspects of the present situation while the two of you are still dating, place your hopes, desires and energy toward the reality that one day, both of you will finally decide to meet and stay together.

I can relate to this situation since I met my husband through an online dating site and the thought of living together now with our precious little daughter is truly a dream come true for both of us. We just continuously pray and hope that one day, we can meet since we live from different countries. Indeed, time can pass significantly quicker and all I know is that I will be meeting him in the airport until such time that I received my visa, got married and now living together as a family.

Every relationship including online also have the "Honeymoon Phase" where everything seems so nice, exciting and wonderful because both singles are still learning a lot of new things about each other. You continue to communicate everyday and send photos as well as greeting cards. When two people start to care for each other online and end up falling for one another, maintaining a real and committed relationship over the internet is truly possible if both singles really want to do it together.

Maintaining an online relationship is truly a simple and an  inspiring process if both parties are dedicated to the connection for the love of their life. It only takes constant communication of exchanging emails as well as speaking and listening to each other on a daily basis so that you can make the other person feel being loved and secured in the relationship even if the two of you are physically apart. Time is quality and when you are able to dedicate precious time to each other then your relationship gets stronger everyday, a very good foundation before starting to think about a serious relationship leading to marriage.

If both of you live in the same country then try to make plans to see each other via the web cam as much as possible, or in person and be considerate of your partner's schedule and needs during your online relationship. Be also available when you promise that you'll be there and send regular caring and loving messages to show that you're thinking of him or her everyday. When your relationship has entered into the level and seriousness of having to share gifts, try to send something special but not necessarily expensive on a regular basis. In this way, you'll be able to show to him or her that you're truly willing to invest your time, emotion and money for your future together.


One way of getting to know your partner better is by talking more once you have exchange a couple of emails already, and if you have any doubts then talk about anything so that you can also clarify this matter with him or her. As long as you already have the level of trust for the person then avoid keeping your doubts to yourself so that your partner online may be able to explain his or her side. Do not keep it as a mere secret, but instead talk about it if you have worries since nothing works better than disclosing it and talking about it unless you fear something so deeply that it could also jeopardize your safety. If ever you can feel something so weird about your partner while still dating, it is also easy to end any relationship online.

Getting to know one another could be easier through internet setting, since you can focus more on the things that the other person is talking about whether this is via videophone or a simple microphone, not really so much about physically looks. It's really important to get to know your partner better internally and even the small things can give you small hints of who they really are and this is the most important part when you are considering someone for a suitable partner in life. Sending your loved one those meaningful emails will make a huge difference in your online relationship. You can also express your deep feelings or your everyday experiences to your special someone online so that he or she will know your everyday activities, another way of knowing more about each other on a daily basis.

When you can establish a relationship with your special someone online, continue to nurture it. Even if you don't have physical closeness to your partner during this temporary period, you can still maintain an online relationship while waiting for the right time that both of you are ready to settle down and live together as a couple. An online relationship requires a true commitment from both singles who want to dedicate their time, effort and love for each other.

If both singles want that their relationship to thrive, they need to communicate right, but also need to be careful of how they want to explain some things to their special someone because if you're dating online, non-verbal signals will likely be lost unless you already know the true personality of your partner. You may say something positive but could be taken negative if you can't clarify it well. Take note that it's sometimes easy to misinterpret the true meaning of something that has been said so try to avoid this situation to happen.

Avoid pushing each other to share detailed information that the other is not comfortable yet to share it with. Take time and respect each others privacy. Continue to communicate often because it's vital to stay connected to your partner. Communicating to your someone special everyday whether through email or phone chat, can make two singles become closer to one another. If you're supposed to send an email, call through cell phone, or chat online at a certain schedule, then do whatever it takes to keep that promise like you would a regular date.

You also need to appreciate or say thank you to your partner online especially if you had seen or known that he or she had done something good. You can also comment on how attractive he or she is like when you receive a picture or video however, avoid overdoing it. The main point here is that it's important for your loved one to also hear something true that comes from his or her trusted partner in a nice and friendly way. 

It's advisable that you try to correct your grammar and spelling when you write your emails. Your loved one will be inspired to read it as well as proud although this will also depend on your individual communication preferences and personalities because some couples prefer the video chat online. Whatever your choice will be, just adapt your communication to your relationship that both of you will be comfortable with. As long as both singles do understand each others character and both care for one another, proper grammar and spelling is no longer that important.

Constant communication with your special someone online is necessary to make the relationship work but don't let it take over. You also need to go on about your other daily activities in life and avoid being so preoccupied with talking all the time to your special someone online. Take note that having your own life is what makes you as a unique person and who you are is the reason why this other single online has been attracted to you in the first place. 

Your partner also needs some time for himself or herself. You have to continue in developing and maintaining your own life too although include your significant other into it in a special way. With the help of our modern technology, even couples who live from other countries can even stay connected as long as they are willing to spend quality time with each other.

You may also invest in a good pair of headphones with a microphone since most computers now comes with a built-in camera so that you can continue to be in touch at home with each other. Online messages are truly more economical if you already have a fast internet connection since you don't need to pay if you use the free services from Skype, Google Talk, MSN or Yahoo messengers to talk online. Try to keep things interesting too when you communicate with your loved one. Constantly share photos and not just images of yourself, but also the things around you, your pets, people at work, neighborhood, families and relatives, close friends, house, and among things that can make you feel closer to each other.

You can also exchange videos if that's what both of you like to do. You can also use your cell or smart phones that you think can be more convenient to send instant text, picture or video messages in order to be in touch with one another especially if you're always on the go. It's also important that both of you are willing to talk about your future together. The other partner might be thinking not yet seriously about the relationship while the other is already contemplating or anticipating about marriage so it's important also to know what the other partner is thinking.

Getting to know about each others past is also essential to talk about especially if both are decided to move the relationship into a serious one leading to marriage. Be honest and understanding in setting up goals and what you want for your future together so that both of you will be clarified of where the two of you are situated and headed through your online relationship. What you really need at first is a compatible partner that you're able to find maybe through social networking sites or one of the trusted dating sites online because once you can really meet the right person, it will be really easy and inspiring to keep and build your relationship together. 

People have come to realize nowadays that online relationships can become serious if two individuals decide to get connected as deeply as they want. Once you had finished publishing your online profile in a trusted dating site and somebody had found you to be worthy of their time or you had found someone whom you think as an ideal person and interesting enough to be with, then this is a wonderful start of a friendship that may lead into a loving and committed relationship.



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