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How to Improve Your Dating Skills

It can be very awkward sometimes when there are those moments of silence, unnecessary stroking of hair, strange as well as uncomfortable feelings and weird looks that may even result to head and body collisions when you lack knowledge on how to date someone. 

Indeed, you don't want to experience a terrible inconvenience once you're dating somebody that you really like and adore. This is not a problem because dating gets better with knowledge, patience and practice. Anyone can improve his or her dating skills so that the next time that you're with a date, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the conversation with the other person whom you admired as well as love to be with.

You need to think positive about yourself first and start focusing on the strengths that you have while you're on a date. After the date, have a list of the positive including those annoying experiences that you ever had so that you'll be able to think and understand what you can do in order to improve your dating skills.

Remember those times when you were able to make your date laugh. You can practice those lines so that you shall be able to incorporate some of it while dating somebody and delete the ones that were not as good and effective.

Be honest with yourself and develop a type of confidence that you're a person who is worth getting to know better. Respect yourself and refrain from immature ways like blowing your own horn or fabricate stories or experiences just to make yourself more appealing.

If you'll do this and your date is looking at your eyes, he or she could even tell that you're just lying and this will only result as a negative dating experience on your part. Maintain on focusing and looking at your date through his or her eyes and avoid gazing as well as wandering around other people who are attractive so that you will not look like a player.

Aim your attention on the things that you honestly like and enjoy while conversing with your date. You will feel comfortable talking about them and your date will also feel your energy, and as a result, he or she may simply admire you in the most natural way. Being so natural with someone is a good thing and never be afraid to tell that you're even a bit nervous during the date.

The more honest and open you can be, then the more your date will be able to relate and connect with you because you might not even know that he or she feels the same way too. In this way, you are helping not only yourself but also your date with the dating skills that needs to be improved. Ask also about the things that your date likes so that the conversation will go on smoothly and both of you may be able to enjoy the whole time.

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Respect your date while you're dating because this is a huge plus sign that you're really a well-mannered person. Even if there may be a time that your date seems naughty, he or she will still appreciate your ways if you're the kind of person who knows how to respect another human being. 

Only try to schedule a date when you feel inspired and comfortable. In this way, you'll be encouraged and stimulated to improve your dating skills. Avoid scheduling dates many times a week just to brag about it to other people that you're able to do those things. Bragging is only for the immature ones that crave too much attention and self-worth.

Watch professional gurus that you think have wholesome ideas on how to date in a proper way and manner. If you know someone who is popular for his or her dating skills, try to watch him or her on television shows or read a book about his or her dating techniques. Avoid copying all of the dating expert's style but just add some of them to your knowledge so that you'll be able to gain important aspects and pointers in improving your dating skills.

Be friendly and honest with your date. Focus on the conversation while both of you are talking. Try to talk with your date afterwards on how things had worked out with the recent date that both of you had given time with. You could also asked him or her what he or she liked and disliked about that particular meeting so that you'll be able to get a good idea for your upcoming dates. The more that you're open to discuss about it, then the higher your chances of success when it comes to your own dating style and skills.

Try to keep the conversation light, amusing and casual so that both of you will not feel so awkward and avoid asking many questions that can be easily answered by "yes" or "no". If so, give follow up questions starting with "how" or "why". You can also pay someone to coach you with regards to your dating skills and abilities if you have extra money. This person is generally known as a "relationship coach".  Relationship coaching could be a very helpful way in improving your dating skills since it is more private and personal.

You can open up more and talk with this person who is professionally trained to help many singles as well as married people in improving their own relationships. Your "relationship coach" will listen to all of your concerns with regards to your "relationship issues" with anyone and can provide sound advice on how to improve your dating style and skills especially if you want to focus on this area. They are just like psychologists or therapists and can be easily found via phone book search or on the web. 

You can attend dating seminars too that are specialized for singles who aren't skillful enough at dating. These type of seminars will teach and guide you on how to become a confident and successful dater. The highlight of these workshops will focus more on how to attract your date, be more confident, how to properly approach someone you find interesting and attractive, as well as how to have a good and interesting conversation during a date. You can even meet potential dates while attending any dating workshop.

If you don't have enough time for a whole day of a scheduled dating workshop, you can have an option to try an online dating course. There are short classes or sessions online just to improve your dating skills. There are numerous websites that provide short classes for busy singles although most of them require a fee. Many of these online dating class sites will offer you the basic fundamental skills of dating as well as offer some advice on how to tell if the person whom you're currently dating is the right one for you. 

The things mentioned above are just additional tools if you really need more sound advice, although once your first date goes as what you expected, try to call the next day and simply ask her if she is doing fine and just make the conversation short. You can also send a little something such as flowers, or her favorite chocolate. Therefore, it's important that while you're dating her, ask some of her favorite things too, such as artists she currently admires or the type of movies she likes to watch. If your date will gladly appreciate what you had sent and also inform you of how much she enjoyed the conversation that she had with you during the date then it's time to schedule another meeting with her.

Avoid being overly aggressive because this can instantly terminate or abolish any progress that you want to build. If he or she sounds not lively and will provide some reasons for not able to fix a certain date the next time around, then just say that it will be fine and thank him or her for the time that she had spent together with you. If ever this person will change his or her mind then he or she will just contact you again. If this will happen, you can easily select a time that is flexible for the second date.

Be friendly when you're dating with anyone and never pressure your date in discussing any romantic topics. Give him or her enough time until both of you will really like each other. You can never force romance because it will just come in a natural way. You could even end up as close friends and that's it. That's why love is like magic because it comes naturally from both people who have the same feelings and is truly attracted and in-love with each other.

It's also important that you know how to crack a simple joke when you are dating someone so that you can bring a smile on his or her face. Always remember the saying that "Laughter is the best medicine". You also need to be careful and maintain your tact when you want to give a joke.

It's advisable to bring a clean joke and have the right timing because forcing one will not bring a positive and funny result. Try to improve your amusing and funny side because this can also add as your dating skill in order to make a good impression to your date. Making you date laugh will make you earn his or her undivided attention and can make the conversation truly relaxing as well.

Dating takes time, patience and effort to master just like any other skill. However, avoid treating any date as only a "practice" for your own benefit because it may not be fair if you'll be treated the same way. Try to go on a couple of dates one at a time and learn from each of them so that you'll continue to improve. Body language is also an important factor whenever you have a date.

Be mindful and sensitive of the signals that your date is conveying including the signals that you might also be sending to him or her. Avoid shuffling your hands or drooping your shoulders because it could suggest a negative way that you are already tired, bored or just want to go home. Your date can warm up to you when you also smile once in while when he or she tries to give a joke. Smiling can also offer a simple but positive hint that your date is enjoying his or her time being with you. 

Avoid placing any amount of pressure on yourself when you are enhancing and developing your dating skills. Never feel like everything you say or do is wrong especially if the date will not go well. Almost everybody has his or her own experience with a date that had not succeeded at all, so do not disfavor yourself for the smallest flaw that you could commit while dating.

Relax because anxiety will only make you so rigid and stiff. Don't be a perfectionist but always try to think positive thoughts once you are dating someone. Be casual and view it less as a date, as if you're just having an casual chat with an old acquaintance or a friend.

Stay and focus on ordinary activities when you start dating, like going to a movie, playing a sport that both of you like to do, or having a meal at an affordable restaurant. Do not impress your date by wearing a very expensive jewelry or outfit, bringing your high tech gadget that could steal the wonderful moments that both of you could talk or bring her in a very romantic restaurant because these situations may only keep your date uncomfortable.

Maintain a smooth, friendly and nice conversation that is interesting but do not go to topics such as politics during the early stages of dating. You may talk about goals in life, family, career, and hobbies. If you'll not worry about creating a very good impression to your date then your date will do the same way. So the more things that you can talk about and share with each other, then the smoother and natural the conversation will become.

Communicate with your date just like you would to a friend and if he or she really likes you of who you are then that's good but if not, then that's fine. You can't pretend of being somebody that you are truly not because this can only pressure you so much in the long run. If there is no second date after the first one, avoid blaming yourself because dating really takes some time before you may be able to find your special someone.

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