Modern Love: Online Dating’s Facts, Tips and Statistics

Modern technology had been changing lives, including how we look for romantic relationships. Online dating experience in 2007 was not that widely known by most people, but today 30% of adults report that they have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps.

We not only use the internet to research, work, read the news, pay bills, send emails but also try to find our significant other. It’s a trend that more and more people are embracing. With the help of many social media and dating websites plus video apps, meeting someone new in this modern world is growing fast.

We have compiled some modern love facts, tips and statistics about online dating and relationships in general which you can also find on the world-wide web.

There is even an increasing number of single parents who get involve through online dating. Seniors are also growing in number and have their specialized websites that only cater to them. Even people with certain hobbies have their own dating apps and websites as well.

Well, most first dates are generally offered during lunch hours inside a restaurant when people from online dating will meet. Majority of online daters already know of someone who found true love on the internet and this is one of the major reasons why they themselves get involved in online dating too. A good estimate of 60% of the people in the world know of someone who dated somebody of whom they had met online.

Online members are 70% interested on the “About Me” section in an online profile while 95% are more curious to see the “Pictures” section. Indeed, pictures are worth a thousand words. It’s advisable that people who want to find serious relationships online only post their present time photos. If you’re looking for a committed relationship, simply upload a decent profile picture on your online dating profile. Most dating members generally post photos where they can also show their hobbies which in turn can open doors to worthwhile conversations when the time comes that they can meet each other in person.

Online daters are very particular when it comes to the geographical location as well as the age of their potential partner. Those who are seeking serious relationships are concerned more about the known deal breakers like drinking, religion, smoking, children, education, racial background and politics.

One positive thing about online dating is that it has lost a lot of its stigma, and a growing number of people believe that online dating is a good way to meet people nowadays. Indeed, the world has become smaller when it comes meeting people with the help of smart phones and a lot of modern gadgets.

From 2000-2005, online dating had started to get exposure and meeting people were fine as long as online daters follow the safety precautions that many reputable online writers had published in the world-wide web. From 2006-2010, many have met their spouses or partners through online dating and people have accepted this modern love connection via the internet. Indeed, online dating have progressively grown more positive and had been acknowledged as the modern love connection to many people.

There is a 20% estimate of online daters who are registered on 4 or even more online dating websites. The average time of courtship prior to marriage is generally the same when two people meet online than in person, about 15 up to 40 months. About 20% use online dating websites to look for relationship and love. In 2015 alone, there was an 18% estimate of married couples who have met online. The number of people who use Google searches on mobile phones about online dating grew by more than 300% every year since 2005.

Online dating has increased among adults under age 30 as well as those in their late 40s and early 50s. There is a rough estimate that there are about 4 million first dates each day in the whole world.

The number of 20 up to 30-year-old singles who use online dating has roughly quadrupled from 20% in 2015 up to 37% today. Online dating website memberships among 50 up to 60-year-olds has also risen substantially up to 15%. One factor behind the huge growth among younger adults is their use of mobile dating apps especially in 2017. 

One-fourth of people who became members of dating sites have not actually had gone on a date with someone they had met on these websites. People are getting more cautious and selective so if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in an online dating website, then you are not alone. One-in-seven online daters have asked someone else to help them with their online dating profile. 

Many online daters ask advise from family and friends so that they can place their best digital profile for the whole world to see. There is a 30% of online daters who have asked someone to help them review or even create their profile. Young adults, 18-25 are known to ask a close friend in helping them set up the perfect profile—40% of online daters have done this, compared with 10% of adults 35-40 years old. - 3 Day Free Trial! and are two of the most popular websites in the whole world. Since singles are being matched based on compatibility, still ranks very high since it offers more good relationships that leads to marriage.

An estimated 10% of people are in a marriage or committed relationship where they had met their significant other online. But even how advance the technology of today, and millions of people are using so many online dating platforms, majority of relationships still begin offline. Dating websites and apps are just tools in the modern world to help people find their significant other with more ease and compatibility before even meeting them in person. 

It’s probably a good way to know the person well enough and give time to the relationship prior meeting them face-to-face for safety reasons. I, myself met my significant other online and took time to know him for two years before we got married. We are now married for more than a decade, and now blessed with two lovable children. We just recently welcomed one addition in our family, a huge blessing from God. I came from Asia and he lives in the US but constant communication and dedication connected both of us together all those times. is protected by COPYSCAPE against online plagiarists who steal original content on the web. Protected by Copyscape Online Infringement Detector


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