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From time to time, a list of online dating discount coupons will be posted here from the dating sites that sponsor them.

You may choose any of them if you are planning to become a member in one of the dating sites. is truly different from other matching sites because they try to match you on 29 points of compatibility and many singles had found this to be working good after they had met the person whom they were matched. These 29 points range from how social, religious and how you communicate with other people. It can be time-consuming for other singles who want an instant date online but other singles like this idea in order to get information from other members.

This trusted dating site will put you through a rather lengthy test and after completing the test, they give you a free personality profile. You will soon realize that the personality profile was good upon viewing it. The nice thing about this dating site is that they provide singles an
internet guide especially if they are new to online dating. They also have lots of discount coupons, membership codes and special offers that you can find in other sites.

This dating site have several rates and the amounts seem to fluctuate over time. If you are new, you don't have to sign up for a year because it might not take that long to find your special someone. You should try a much shorter membership to see how the services are being given and the matches go. You can just renew your subscription and avail again with the discount coupons, membership codes and special offers that they provide to their existing and loyal members.

Some singles say that this dating site send you a lot of matches immediately after you sign up and you should possibly have a free email address for this one because it could be many. However, if you had received these messages and you want to communicate with the matches, then you need to become a paid member first.

Some singles had noticed that the downside of this membership plan is that when you are a newly-paid member this dating site will also match you with singles who are not paid members. So therefore, the result is, you might initiate contact with someone who can't even respond to any of your messages.

If you will try to start contacting and the other person doesn't respond, just remind yourself that he or she might be a free member. So don't be confused nor feel rejected if the other single member did not pay money to join the site because he or she might have thought that he or she could just respond without paying any fee.

Sometimes some of the single members may come from other countries so the currency is different. There can also be a possibility that after they receive your message then they will try to become a paid member in order to contact you in return.

If you decide to become a member then you also need to create an online dating profile as part of filling-up the initial questionnaire that the dating site has provided for you. You are not required to add a picture because this is your choice or option but it is advisable that you add soon because how can other singles send you any message if they can't even see any picture of you?

You also need to consider that physical attraction really does matter at first sight and no matter how good and enticing your dating profile, no one or possibly only very few singles will send you a message. Singles pay subscription fees so that they can see complete online dating profiles so try to post a nice and clear picture on your dating profile. Even how good you write or witty your emails will be, the other single is still going to want to get some idea of what you really look like.

The profiles in this dating site could be interesting because they list your occupation and physical statistics such as height and hair color. They will also ask the most recent book you have read  and ask for things you can't live without. Unlike some other dating sites that ask you to write an essay, this dating site only asks you to respond to short answer questions although this is also definitely easier to fill out but not as revealing as the essay.

This dating site will allow you to select the age range, geographic location and other attributes of the singles you want to be matched with including whether they are alcoholics, smokers or whether they want children in the future. Then they send you matches. Some singles say that this dating site is sending them the matches but they can't scan through profiles to find someone they lik
e but this is the reason why you are paying them more since they are the ones doing the hard job and you'll just wait and select the best match for you.

The dating site has the good resources and ability to select a match for all single members. So if they don't send you many matches or you don't like the ones that they matched you with then there isn't much that you can do about it, probably unless you write to them about the way they had given you the matches.

The upside to this plan, as some singles had experienced, is that this dating site doesn't reveal too much information about you to other singles. Your online dating profile isn't out there for the whole world to see. Many professional singles want privacy and they found this unique method comforting. Since some singles still believe that there is still a stigma attached for online dating so they don't want some people in their neighborhood to be talking about their online dating profile.

Some singles found that most of this dating site's good matches came in the first batch. After that, they got a few matches every week for the next three months. Some singles found this frustrating since they want to be matched with plenty of singles. If you had experienced this way too then you can just email their customer service. You might need to broaden your search parameters.

After you are being matched with someone in this dating site, you'll then be placed through a well-guided communication process. This shall consist of
a list of must haves / can't stands, the sending of short answer questions as well as long answer questions. The reason is to get to know each other better.

So you can now communicate with the members and if you don't answer with what they are looking for, some could shut you out immediately while on the other hand, other members ask broad questions and make a better attempt to get to know you as a person. So at any moment during the well-guided communication, either party can say if he or she is interested or not interested and either put the other party on hold or can close the communication entirely.

It is a wonderful experience if you can make it to the end of the well-guided communication process. After the unique experience, you can freely email each other within the dating site. The dating site protects your identity well enough until you are ready to communicate on your own. You are always free to make a date or continue to communicate through this dating site as long as you are a paid member.

Registration at this dating site is not that difficult if you're really interested in meeting many decent singles online. The good thing about this dating site is you'll be matched with another single with   common interests and therefore you'll be enjoying their companionship in the future.

Many singles that had found their match say that at, it’s about quality rather than quantity. You'll have a good chance in meeting your online date since this dating site will send singles the right matches selected for them by the service and assess the quality for these matches. You can even receive quality matches before paying the membership fee, but you should join first to see their photographs.

The composition of the dating profile has one of the most extensive questionnaire that is why this is a unique online dating site. They have possibly about 436 questions that measure those 29 dimensions of compatibility. When you make your dating profile, it will possibly take you about 40-55 minutes in order to complete it but if you think of it as a multiple-choice test with a couple of short open responses that you'll fill-up then you'll enjoy doing it.

The only thing that you need to think carefully is when you will answer the open-ended questions because many of your potential online dating matches will read this area and they could be sensitive in the way you answer these type of questions. The search and match features and functions in this dating site are different than most online dating sites because the dating site itself manages both of these features for you.

Singles are given two choices from two types of communication: standard (guided) and fast track (open). This dating site was founded through a well-guided communication method, but they also have added the second option for singles who want to write emails to their dating matches at the very beginning of the process.

If you choose for the well-guided communication, you may also express interest in one of your dating matches and select the five multiple-choice questions for him/her to answer. If your dating match answers, you will receive the answers and also a set of questions to answer in return. Singles may select one of the pre-written answers or may answer in their own words.

After two rounds of this type of communication exchange, singles may move to the open communication.
Singles may also select to request a secure telephone call at any step in the process or at any point, opt to put communication on hold or easily end it.

This dating site also offers name, age and city verification for an additional fee. If singles want to subscribe to this service, the verification will be posted with their profile. This service may help members feel more confident communicating with other single members, and help decrease the chance of an unpleasant guessing games when two single members meet.

Singles can also take the full advantage of the information they had submitted on their profiles just be visiting the Reports Section to see the analysis of their dating profiles. This dating site also offers advice and dating information. 




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