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How to Get Your Man or Woman Back

There is a time when a relationship will be tested. Your partner had left and now, you felt that there's something missing in your life. If the cause of the break-up was not reasonable enough to end it and you still want him or her to come back then there are some effective ways to do it. 

When you're experiencing this kind of situation then don't worry too much because there are other people who are also undergoing the same problem so you're not alone in dealing with this kind of issue. By facing this difficulty then you can learn from it and put into use what you've learned. In this way, you'll become stronger and you can choose the right decision when you will be faced with another difficult situation when it comes to the matters of the heart. 

It's possible to bring your ex husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend back into your loving embrace if you truly accept your faults as well as your weaknesses, ask forgiveness and promise to change what is needed to be done in order for the relationship to work. You need to make your man or woman really feel that you want to change for the betterment of your relationship. 

Assuming that there is a third party involved, there's still hope if both of you had truly loved each other before. Love is a powerful feeling so there is no reason that you cannot love each other again.

What you'll need:

  • Determination
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Dedication
  • Time and effort

1. Determine what didn't work with your relationship that made one or both of you decided to end it. Consider the statements of disagreement that your man or woman had issues about so that you can directly address them and explain how you can improve. Try to recall what your partner doesn't like about your behavior so that you can tell him or her that you're willing to change it. 

There may also some things that your man or woman had done that you think were wrong and unreasonable but avoid reminding him or her of those things. Just wait until your mate will be the one to accept them so that you'll be headed in the same direction for a peaceful reconciliation.

2Avoid acting desperate. Be strong and mature when you act and talk amidst the hurt that your feeling inside so that there is a big possibility of getting your man or woman back. Never lower yourself by crying and begging him or her to come back because this is not effective. You're just going to make your ex boyfriend or girlfriend feeling so annoyed and therefore driving him or her further away from you. 

You need to understand that even if he or she initiated the breakup, there's a good chance that the love and care still exists in his or her heart just for you. All you need is to do is remind him or her of the wonderful times that you had together as a couple and give enough space for him or her to think of those precious memories.

3Aim your attention on the positive attributes that you had prior to meeting your ex spouse so that you'll also become a stronger person independently. When your ex husband or wife will know that you were able to develop yourself in a constructive way after the break-up, there's a big chance that you'll become more attractive to him or her. 

Recall the kind and type of person you were at the time when he or she fell for you and try to compare yourself whom you had become by the time that the relationship ended. Avoid thinking negative things in life. 

If you were more goal-oriented during the time when he or she fell in love with you, then spend some time in aiming those aspirations and dreams once more. This is a reflection on how you've truly grown regardless of getting back together with your ex husband or wife.

4Disregard your ex boyfriend or girlfriend on purpose especially if you just broke up recently and he or she was the one who initiated it. When you completely ignore him or her then he or she will possibly miss you. When a person really loves you then he or she will still care by asking your close friends how you're doing or by calling directly to your phone.

5Help your ex lover in remembering those fond memories with proper timing. Don't try to sound that you are forcing him or her to remember the wonderful memories that you both had. Flashback is good way to help remind your ex lover to see some of the nice things that you had shared together. 

Every relationship has its ups and downs so try to bring up thoughts of the past that had given pleasant and romantic remembrances during the times when your relationship was still strong, exciting and healthy. This is a subtle and healthy way where you can express interest but at the same time, you're also avoiding in being too visible or obvious in expressing your desire to get your ex lover back.

6Be active, happy and positive. Even if you're hurt deep down inside, you need to try to be active, happy and positive because you are still alive. Life is about hope and there are blessings that will come into your life. 

Never focus on sadness and negativity that will only result to self-pity and depression. It will not do you any good when it comes to getting your man or woman back. It will only weaken anything that you'll do. 

Strengthen the relationship that you have with your friends and family so that they can give you the advice that you needed. If your ex lover hasn't found a new love interest then this could also mean that he or she is also considering to get you back into his or her life. If he has moved on, then you need to do the same. 

Either way, it is still important that you're vigorous and has a positive thinking because you will look more attractive when you are able to accept the things that you can no longer change and be happy and contented with the things that you can. 

Self confidence is believing in yourself and this can attract anyone. If your ex lover can see you in this condition by having an inner strength and positive self-image then there is a big possibility that he or she may ask to give your relationship another chance.

7Be sensitive on how your ex husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend talks and the way he or she acts before considering about making your pursuit in getting him or her back a bit more obvious. Getting your ex lover back requires effort, patience and discipline. 

You need to recognize and accept the split-up so that you can give each other some time to think about it. By doing this, you'll then be able to weigh things out and work towards getting your ex lover back.

8Take notice about your appearance if you have overlooked or had never bothered to update yourself in this area. This is the right time to head towards the department stores and shop the nice things that you want to buy for yourself. 

If you have friends to go shopping with you then this will also be good. Dress up and be more attractive when you go out so that you can feel how wonderful and nice to be free again. In this way, you're helping yourself constructively by building back your confidence. 

Commit yourself to change by becoming more humble, forgiving and loving. By working on improving yourself, you're in the best position to get your man or woman back into your life. Whatever the outcome will be, at least you had done your part and try to move on and learn from your mistakes. 

Tips & Warnings:

Before trying to re-establish your broken relationship with your ex lover, you need to weigh things up if going back to him or her is really the right decision. You may want to offer more of yourself to him or her but you also need to consider if he or she is willing to do the same. If you feel that you'll be headed in the same position again then you should avoid in desperately trying to get an ex lover who is unworthy of your love.

If you had cheated on your man or woman, honestly tell him or her that you made a huge mistake. Cheating is one of the worst things that anyone can do in a relationship so getting back your ex lover when you had cheated on him or her is a very difficult and challenging task to work on. If you're willing to get him or her back then you need to show that you want to become a better person everyday. 

Don't get your hopes up high because there is a possibility that he or she will not take you back. You may only be able to repair the damage if you really continuously work hard at it but may still take a very long time for your partner to trust you again. 

Don't give up, be patient and give your partner a time to heal. Look for special ways to show that he or she is the most important person in your life. You may need to consider counseling so that both of you will be guided in strengthening back your relationship together.

It is unhealthy, damaging and detrimental if you throw yourself at your ex lover when it's clear on your part that he or she is no longer interested in building back your past relationship. It is also unhealthy, damaging and detrimental if you throw yourself at your ex lover when it's clear on your part that he or she is no longer interested in building back your past relationship. 

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