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There are right reasons why a person wants to get married. If you are still single, don’t be in a hurry to get married because of the reason that you're getting older. Avoid the obsession with getting married. You need to ask yourself and your significant other some pertinent questions if both of you are ready.

Never plan out any details of your wedding if you're not yet even engaged. Wait for Mr. Right because he will just come right on time in the most unexpected way. Avoid talking openly about your ideal and perfect wedding, your future husband may not appear and this will only lead to an emotional pain on your side.

Some singles are mainly focused on having a big and expensive
wedding where they can invite lots of people to make them feel special. If your main focus is to have a celebrity type of wedding event, take note that this is only one day and you could be spending plenty of money that you'll be paying in a long period of time.

Some couples may even argue after the their wedding celebration due to exorbitant amount that they had spent. The most important thing is after the wedding...the love, challenges and the realities of life as a married couple.
Avoid false expectations with someone who did not even take their commitment into a relationship seriously. If you're involved in a relationship that started as the result of an affair, you may never stop thinking that your significant other is capable to cheat on you in the future because he or she already did.

When you are in a loving relationship, problems may occur but not as often that will give you so much stress. If both of you have difficulty in agreeing to each other's decisions and ideas that results in fighting while you're still dating, it might only escalate once you get married.
This person whom you want to be involved in a serious relationship or both of you are not meant to be together. If you're miserable in a bad relationship, each day that goes by is a day of hopelessness that you can no longer get back and you'll soon realized that you had wasted so much time, energy and emotion with it.

This relationship situation will only give you unwanted wrinkles and you'll also be unavailable to meet that special someone in your life. It's difficult to be by yourself but a lot better to be alone than to continue in a dysfunctional relationship.
Avoid giving out any signs or signals that will scare away singles because of the reason that you always keep on thinking of getting married. If you are desperate to get married, other singles may sense this so avoid thinking about it and relax. You could send a non verbal communication that has extra amount of waves that will scare away potential partners for you.

Relax because if you don't send any signal, any single may like to befriend you first then this wonderful friendship could later grow and turn into a serious relationship that may lead into marriage. However, if it will not happen then embrace the life of being single. There are also advantages of being single and you can still live a happy and normal life.


Other singles are desperate to get married because they want to move away from home. Young singles may find this way helpful to them especially if they don't like to live in their parent's house where they really need to follow some strict rules. They want freedom from their parents' guidance and do whatever they want.

Some of these singles are not thinking that if they don't have work, then got married at a very young age and have a baby, they will possibly become one of the many homeless families in our society today. They could also endanger the health of their young child or children as the result of these poor choices that they had made.
Avoid having children in order to save a marriage or afraid of being lonely. Children should not be used in order to strengthen your relationship. Bringing them into the world through a broken
relationship and difficult situation because you want to get your partner back or you don't want to get lonely is a selfish and cruel act. Not everyone is meant to become a parent and there is no reason to be ashamed of not having a child or children. Think of the right reasons why you really want to marry someone and stay clear of the pressures that society can give you.
Bring children into this world for the reason that you're willing to sacrifice by putting their needs ahead of yours, ready to love them no matter what happens and you can provide them a simple but happy home. Avoid being pressured by others because they have no right to dictate in one of the most important decisions in your life. If you're the kind of person who is afraid to be lonely especially if your getting older, then you can get a puppy or kitten!
If you are a young single who wants to get married as an act of rebellion because you had a conflict with a parent or trouble with an authority figure because of your desire to marry,
think of the consequences of your negative actions since it may do more harm than good in your future as a married person.

You also need to think if you are of legal age to marry in the state or city where you live. Some couples who
are engaged have not even discussed about the important things in their life after marriage. When you are ready to settle down, you need to talk about careers, religion, life in the future, children, division of labor, in-laws and geography with your partner. The happiness and success of two people in a serious and committed relationship is to be able to merge their own two lives together as a couple.

Examine the situation thoroughly prior committing into a relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend if ever he or she has a child from a previous relationship. If his or her former lover, the other parent is withholding the child then it's possibly for a certain reason that you may need to know especially when you want to get married. If you decide to marry a person with children from a previous relationship, it's advisable that you treat and embrace them like your own biological children to make your relationship work.
If you're marrying their parent, they instantly become part of the family. Your decision of marrying a person who has children from a previous relationship is really a big challenge because they have a mother or father and you need to respect their role unless they do not mind you being hands on too.

If these parents prefer to take the lead, just support the child from the sidelines and avoid getting involved too much. It's better to clearly define your role as early as possible to avoid trouble and complication. Make sure that you're strong enough to handle the challenges of being a step-parent and think again of the reasons why you want to marry this person.
Clearly grasp the idea that marriage does not and will never complete you as a person. Do not ever believe that being married will make you feel whole or complete. You are already complete as God had intended you to be. You don't necessarily need another human being to complete you. Avoid any negative thinking that older singles are more prone to loneliness because you are exactly wrong, there are also married individuals who are lonely and even depressed in their married life so better be single if you haven't found the right one whom you really love and can love you in return.


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