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How to Get A Woman to Really Like You

Getting the woman you admire and adore to really like you is truly a big challenge. Most men will act awkward because they do not know of what exactly to do to capture the attention of the woman they want to be with in life. 

Remember that every woman is unique so you should be careful of what type of woman you are attracted to. There are women who likes "the silent type of men" while others prefer "the talkative type". 

Some women like the "bad boy or rugged looking" while others prefer the "decent or neat looking" kind of guy. So therefore what's important is knowing what truly works and doesn't in pleasing the woman you like so that you can choose the right thing to do.




What you'll need:

  • Confidence
  • Self-respect
  • A sense of humor
  • Positive outlook in life

    • 1.

      Check the level of confidence you have because this is important. Women in general are always drawn to men who display a certain level of self-assurance but not too much that might be seen as arrogance. 

      Be a gentleman and try to feel for yourself like you already have known her and make yourself comfortable enough so that you can talk to her in a relaxing way. In this way, she can also feel the same thing.

    • 2.

      Carry a conversation that is relevant and worth talking to so that you can capture her attention and she might even admire how articulate you are with the topic. Be humorous and if you notice that she will start to smile or laugh with your "clean jokes" then that's a positive sign. 

      Never try to get into a serious conversation right away or try to focus too much interest on her because you might scare her in no time. Just be friendly and smile more often.

      Focus your interest in her daily life. You can also ask her if how was her day then give follow-up questions regarding that if she seems interested to talk about it. Avoid asking her directly if she wants to go out on a date. Instead, try to talk more about the things that interests her first then ask if she would you like to be there with you sometime.

    • 3.

      Always listen to what she has to say when she's talking. Give her the impression that you are interested about the things that she believes in and being unique as a person. Being a good listener is what every woman wants with any man so try to be one. 

      Give her a compliment "if" you think that her idea of that certain topic is good by just saying, "Yes, you are correct and I agree with you." Anyone loves to be complimented especially women so try to make her feel knowledgeable with what she is saying and hopefully she will feel wonderful about herself just by being with you and therefore really like you.

      You'll be able to determine too if you've gotten her interest. You can simply feel it out during the conversation if she likes you although other women takes time. Be positive and try to give her enough space until such time that she really wants to know you and be closer as well.

    • 4.

      Be humble if she asks something about you. Never brag about your accomplishments in life because no woman likes a self-absorbed man.

      When you start engaging a conversation with a woman, be genuinely interested in what she has to say and make comments on her interests. Avoid excessive flattering, because these compliments may no longer be valuable to hear if given way too much. 

      Some guys may feel nervous that's why they may be able to say a lot of compliments to a woman. Once you can calm your nerves, you'll be able to talk well and true compliments will come out naturally from your mouth.


  • Check your body language and be natural in conveying confidence and masculinity. Just remember to have a good posture, always try to have eye contact and be yourself.

  • Relax! Avoid overdoing the jokes and entertainment in order to please her. Be yourself, funny and try to relax so that you'll be able to start and continue the conversation in a nice way. 

    Once she starts laughing and talking about the topic the, you have her attention. Simply follow up the topic with an open-ended question.

  • Don't talk about problems that you have in your work or other matters that may only bring negative feeling or mood. As much as possible, avoid topics that can create stress especially on a first date.

  • Try to smile as often as you can while maintaining an eye contact but avoid pushing yourself to hard because many women feel uneasy if they see a guy who also takes a lot of effort just to please them. 

  • If she wants to talk about personal matters then be calm and respectful about it but try to avoid asking personal questions unless she'll be the one who'll present them to you.

  • Be observant since women usually make it clear if they have a lack of interest. This is much better, so that both of you will not be wasting precious time and each one will be able to look for a compatible partner in life.



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