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Aside from quality dating sites that you can find in this website for online dating, you can also use many wonderful amazing cards for free. It is true that everyone loves to be remembered on their birthday and in any special occasion in life.

With online free greeting ecards, it's so easy to send birthday greeting cards to family and friends! Just choose from any of their wonderful selection of FREE birthday greetings and photo birthday e-cards online and add your own photos, video, music then email, blog or print.

There are many online greeting ecards or cards for free but be mindful of those scams that are also associated with various forms of internet deals nowadays. You may read some important information below before you want to subscribe to any of them.


There are dating sites that offer free amazing ecards to singles who are members in these dating sites. They always want to give first priority to their online customers that is why the're providing you not only with free ecards but also information on how to protect yourself from ecard email scams impacting the online dating industry today. People are making their relationships stronger by constant communication and they use online messengers, emails and ecards to connect to their loved ones so there are online services now that offer more protection so that ecard scams will instantly be detected.

Some dating sites are informing singles that they have recently become aware of a new email campaign that claims to be an ecard from a certain ecard company but they contain a virus that is attached to an email that will infect your computer. Singles online that have relationships online are mostly the ones who are victimized by fraudsters because they keep on sending ecards every now and then.

It is important for you to know that legitimate emails from popular ecard companies will never contain an attachment. Take note that their emails are always validated with their industry standard security keys for additional protection. They also offer an alternate method for you to pick up your ecard.

When you receive a legitimate ecard from any of the popular ecard company, you can bypass by clicking on any links within the suspicious email and instead go to their official site, click on the "ecard pickup" link found in the upper right corner of the homepage to go there and enter the ecard code provided in the email. There are so many fraudulent emails containing malicious links sent from people who just want to portray themselves as workers from legitimate companies.

If ever you have any suspicion that the email is fraudulent then never try to open it and never click on any of the links within the email. Just delete it so that you won't be curious to click on the link virus attached to that could spread out into your computer.

Remember that any legitimate email will always give you the choice to pick up the ecard by typing in the address of the website, rather than clicking on the link. Most known and popular ecard emails provide this option. This is true that opening an ecard email should not result in any harm but by clicking and following links embedded in the email is where consumers, mostly singles have to be cautious.

If you are a member of any dating site and someone you just met a few hours or even a day will send an ecard email then be cautious. The person sending the ecard should always be identifiable, such as in the subject line of the email itself. If you do not recognize the sender or just met him shortly, then be careful. Be especially cautious of more generic subject lines.

When you are still curious of the ecard sent to you by someone whom you just met a few hours on a dating site then ensure your safety, simply type in the address of the site and go directly to it in order to retrieve the ecard message. With some of famous ecard companies, you can just bypass by clicking on any links leading to the site and enter the code given to you in the email at the "ecard pickup" page on the site. If ever you can receive fraudulent ecard emails then you can file a complaint at the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the FBI.

Below are some recommendations to protect you:

  • Be sure to download the latest version of your Internet browser because these new browsers can also check for possible fraudulent websites when you are browsing the web.
  • Be a keen observant on the emails that you receive everyday and just delete them if you do not know the person who sent it or where it comes from.
Fake Ecard Emails Subject Line Below:

Subject line may vary. Examples include:
  • You've received an ecard from a friend!
  • Your favorite star sent you a special ecard!
  • You've received a postcard from a family member!
  • You've received an ecard from a single friend in the dating site you just joined!
  • Your new online friend just sent you a loving ecard from your dating site!
True Ecard Emails

The sender's name should appear with the ecard email coming from the ecard compan. There is also reminders to pickup your ecard and below will be the following subject lines:
  1. Remember: Your ecard from sender's Name (ex. Jean Jones) is waiting for you at the ecard company itself
  2. Take note: Your ecard from sender's Name (ex. Sam John) is waiting for you at the ecard company itself
  3. Notice: Your ecard from sender's Name (ex. Jean Jones) is waiting for you at the ecard company itself
  4. Don't forget: Your ecard from sender's Name (ex. Sam John) is waiting for you at the ecard company itself
The Difference Between Fake and True Ecard Email Messages

A fake ecard email message may or may not include a person's name and email address while the true one should always include the sender's name and email address in the body of the email. You should personally recognize this person before engaging further in exchanging or sending any ecard email.



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