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How to Avoid Being Scammed in Free Dating Websites

Free dating sites are plenty these days but because they are free, fraudsters can easily register in them without spending a penny and build a good and wonderful looking profile. People who are new to online dating could become their victims and easy targets so it is important to be very careful whom to communicate when you register to these free dating sites.



What you'll need:

  • Common sense
  • Good intuition
  • Keen observation
    • 1

      Be quick to determine when fraudsters will email you with a very good introduction about themselves. You may just wonder that after awhile, their emails will just suddenly change telling you that they encountered a big problem in life then the drama begins to unfold. 

      They feel so distressed because of financial reasons or they need emergency money for medical operations or they have been stranded somewhere else that it's only you who can help them so better watch out.

    • 2

      Research online if you are not yet familiar with the new technique on how these fraudsters will scam singles online especially in free dating sites. Some fraudsters have good grammar nowadays. 

      Gone are the days that you can easily detect them by the way they compose their emails with a lot of misspelled words.

    • 3

      Take note that they no longer use the countries like "Nigeria" and "UK" as to where they are currently located. The criminals are very wise and they know how to groom their victims to become emotionally attached to them for weeks or even up to a few months. 

      They may not make a request for financial help instantly in the early stages of communication but they can take note about your personal details in a matter of days. Other fraudsters will also try to pay for membership fees in order to scam singles online but usually many of them are members in free dating sites.

      Be observant for anyone who make up stories such as he or she was robbed, no more more funds to use for the internet cafe, was recently unemployed, or one of the closest family members was hospitalized. Generally, fraudsters will not request for money, but will talk about sad happenings in their present life. 

      Analyze first if it's true before you send any money so that you'll not feel being fooled. You could send money to him or her if you already have met this person.  

    • 4

      Be observant of the things that any online date has told you and try to jot down these things so that you can check them later on by asking questions in order to clarify what this person has told you before.

      It's advisable that you set up a meeting online so that each one will be able to see each other through the web cam. It's vital that you'll be able to see whom you are talking to especially if you had known him or her for a couple of weeks or so already. 

      Exchanging some pictures on the web can speak a thousand words but you can also read the body language as well as the facial expression while chatting to this person online so it's necessary to see him or her via the web cam.

    • 5

      Trust your natural instincts. If you really feel something is wrong with how your online date communicates or how he/she treats you online then you can easily break-off your online relationship with him/her. 

      It is better not to give your home and work addresses early on if you are afraid that your online date might stalk you in the future if things won't work out well with the two of you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not be fooled by their nice and beautiful pictures because they just instantly copy them from internet sites and paste these photos to their profiles for easy use to establish their fake and fraudulent identities.

  • Fraudsters also exist in paid membership dating sites but there are generally more fraudsters in totally free dating sites. If you think that the person whom you're presently communicating with is a fraudster online, simply block his or her profile as well as the messenger that you keep on using where he or she also knows your ID.

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