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Love is always special and you need to show it by confessing the magnificent and wonderful feeling to someone so special at the right time. When you truly love someone, confessing what you feel is not that easy. You tend to be afraid and nervous that you might commit a mistake and by thinking negative thoughts, there is a possibility that you'll ruin your chance of being close to this person who is important in your life. 

Bear in mind that when you decide to confess your love to someone, you are also prepared to accept the positive and the negative outcome coming from your confession. The important thing that you want to focus into is to pour out your feelings so that this special someone in your life will know what you really feel towards her.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


What you'll need:

Courage, determination, right timing

1. Make sure that you truly feel that she is absolutely the right one for you before you will finally confess the love you have for her.

2Find a nice and serene place to confess your love. It could be a simple place where both of you would be very comfortable with. A tranquil place with just the two of you would be an ideal one.

3Think of a special day to confess your love to her like Valentine's Day, a holiday or her birthday.

4Try to ask her to go out with you. It would be good if you could ask her in advance of when she will have a free time.

5Send her a special card placed in a bouquet of roses if you don't feel comfortable enough to confess your love face-to-face. Everyone has a different way in confessing their love to their someone special. In this way, you can fully express your true feelings through writing.

6Be emotionally ready to accept a yes or no answer. If she is not ready yet to give a response then give her enough space and time to think about it. 

Tips & Warnings

  • It would be good if you seek for advice like talking to people closest to you who had a positive experience in confessing love to their someone special. Try to weigh if their advice will work best for you. Just be yourself, relax and think of those wonderful and special words that you'll say to her.

  • If ever you will receive a negative response from your confession of love, then be humble enough to accept it. Do not stalk her or get angry because of the negative outcome. Remember that she is not the only person in the world and you need to respect her decision. There is a big possibility that you will find someone special again whom you will love and will love you in return. - Deep End Dating


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