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 How to Attract Women In A Unique Way

Do you sometimes feel insecure or awkward when it comes to attracting women? You have no reason to feel that way anymore because there are a lot of tips that is free for you to choose online written by women and all you have to do is to take time in reading them. For most women, physical attraction is not as important as how most men tend to view and value it. 

Many women prefer a man who knows how to listen when we're talking and give importance of what we are saying even we use more words than men do. It makes us appreciate when men like to listen to us in what we want to convey to them. 

When you want to attract women, just relax and be yourself and never try too hard to say the right things because these words will just flow smoothly when you are not pretentious. By following the additional tips below, you will be able to get the attraction that you wish for from a woman you would like to know better:

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


What you'll need:

Common sense

Good values and manners

1. Attract women in a natural and calm way by showing your genuine interest. But don't try too hard because this might be viewed in a negative way and you'll end up looking like a very desperate man or a stalker that will only cause fear instead of attraction.

2. Give any woman a compliment when it's due and at the right time. Don't approach her by telling something like "Wow you're so pretty, can I take you out for dinner tonight to know more of each other?" This can immediately be viewed as arrogance on your part because you haven't known her yet and you already want to take her out so fast.

3. Be a good communicator. Try to talk about meaningful things like the latest news that many people are concerned about in a nice way. Do not act as if you are too much affected by the news that you also show wrinkles in your forehead because the woman whom you want to attract might think that you are a bit crazy. 

Stay calm and get her to laugh from time to time so that she will feel relaxed while enjoying the conversation. Remember that women are really drawn towards intelligent men with a sense of humor and great personality.

4. Show self-confidence and let the woman you're attracted to that you are there for good intentions in knowing her. The way you behave and act should also convey that you're not afraid of rejection. 

Expressing your good intentions just by using body language cues can be beneficial to you. Your behavior and actions will show your objectives to the woman whom you are attracted to.

5. Words are so powerful, make good of use of these and try not to sound arrogant. Avoid talking about things that you like that may lead often to your accomplishments in life. 

Women hate insensitive men who only care about themselves. Show her that you care about the things that is affecting people around the world. It will give her a clue that you are caring and kind. In this way, she will feel genuinely interested in you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to look good and neat. This does not mean that you have to use the branded outfits that are expensive in order to look good but just make sure you look decent and well-groomed.

  • A good listener is a very attractive trait because this means that you are also patient. During your conversation, look into her eyes and give her the impression that you are very interested at what she has to say. 

    Try to smile once in a while, regard her as a friend, focus on the topic that both of you are talking and enjoy the interaction. Learning how to draw a woman's attention to you is not as difficult as what you might be thinking. 

    Remember to use polite words because it will always be a plus factor. Focus your attention to what she says and respect her ideas or opinions about the topic that she is talking about.

  • Do not be too confident and loud because this might mean "arrogance", a big turn-off to most women. Being true to yourself, a good personality and charm will attract a woman more than just physical appearance.


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