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Just like women, men make mistakes too in online dating. You can avoid these common mistakes so that you'll have a successful experience when it comes to online dating.

1. Don't talk about yourself so much.

Some men are proud of themselves too much that they keep on talking about their achievements in life. It's good that you're successful and well-educated because this means that you have the ability to support your future family in case both of you will get serious and start life together.

Remember not to come on too strong right away in offering a proposal of marriage if you really like the woman whom you met online. Let the woman figure out if she wants to be with you, instead of telling it to her in a period of time.

2. Create a brief profile.

If you want to stand out in the crowd and be unique without revealing too much then keep your essays short, direct, punchy, and positive. You may also reveal some personal detail to create a good connection but not so much that you remove the mystery. You can also add some sense of humor to give it life but not too much.

3. Upload 3-5 recent and clear pictures.

Avoid adding out of date photos of the times when you had more hair or you look thinner. You should be smiling in most of your photos unless you seldom smile in real life. Singles are always drawn and attracted to happy singles alike so a good primary photo will make you look better. If you can't smile even with your mouth closed then you might be misunderstood as uncharacteristically moody and sinister.

Even if you've got a great body with 6-pack abs, don't go shirtless in any of your photos because this may just annoy some of the well-educated or sensitive women online who can browse your profile. Women can still see that you have a good physique even with shirt on. Don't post a cutout of yourself smiling with your ex in a party. Just try to look decent looking in your picture.

4. Be appreciative.

When sending a message to a potential date in a dating site, say something in a friendly way and be appreciate something about her profile. Single women on online dating sites get so many messages from men saying nothing more than "Hello, how are you, want to know me?"

This will only create an impression that many men who want to date online are so lazy to type something important and they just send the same message to as many women as possible, just "copy and paste" hoping to get a response from at least one of them.

This strategy will not work for smart and intelligent women. If you want to date with the easy-going type of women who only want to have fun then possibly this can work out but to those women who want a long-term relationship then it will not work. 

5. Be polite.

If a woman asks questions about you, answer them politely. Some men will check first the pictures of the women and if they don't like what they see, then their true colors show up and answer them rudely or sarcastically. This only shows how immature some men are.

It is always nice to be friendly. The beauty of any person lies inside the heart. When you want a lasting and devoted relationship, physical appearance will not even count, good character is really the most important.

6. Be patient.

After exchanging some emails and if you live in the same city, you may suggest meeting for a cup of coffee and a talk to see if you like each other. Ask for a coffee date after probably a month of constant exchanging of emails. Most women don't like to be pressured if men want to meet them immediately face to face. Why would you like to meet a man whom you know so little about? Unless these women only want to have fun and not the serious type of relationship.

7. Set your expectations low before the first date.

Be natural before and during the date. Many singles want to know other singles more about them online first before actually meeting face-to-face to avoid discomfort. If you just met online through a dating site then date after a few weeks or so then do not complicate things with high expectations so that you'll avoid disappointment.

Try to ask questions to keep the conversation flowing, but avoid asking a long series of unrelated personal questions as if you're conducting an interview. Talk about yourself calmly and in a way to let her get to know you, but never brag about all your accomplishments in life or unload all your troubles in the past.

Be a gentleman

To women, dating a gentleman matters the most. It's nice when a man picks up the tab, opens the door and makes sure his date gets home safely. A woman feels safe when she is with a decent and respectful man. This may be old-fashioned, but it shows a man's maturity by the way he treats a woman.

9. Just be yourself.

Stay relaxed at the coffee date so that she'll also stay the same. Make her feel comfortable as if you are just talking to an old friend of yours. Don’t mention past partners in your life.
Women like good listeners so focus on your date across the table from you and listen to what she has to say.

10. Provide wonderful options and let her select

When planning a date, take the initiative in offering creative ideas, for example, of where you can take her to a good and nice restaurant that you can also afford. Give her options of the restaurants that you know of and tell her why you like them then let her pick one of them. If you think that she is not contented then you may know what type of restaurants she likes and this will give you a hint of her tastes when it comes to eating out.

If she is happy with the options that you had given then this means that you have now something in common. Whatever you want to say to your date, always try to be confident and respect her thoughts and opinion. When you ask a woman out, be ready to come up with a unique, fun and creative options then ask her to select one.

Valuable Dating Tips For Online Singles

Online dating works for some singles but doesn't work for others. If you think that you can find your future partner in life then there are ways on how you can improve your profile.

When writing your profile, be brief in describing yourself and write more about
your interests. Remember that there are many of women who'd also like to do these things with you on a date and it's nice if you have common interests.

If you are communicating to a few selected people at the same time, keep a record for each person to make sure you have the right details. You can just delete the rest and select one person if think that you are ready to have a serious relationship.

Be realistic and avoid high expectations. Expect that you will receive a small percentage of replies from the people whom you sent emails to since these people may also receive a lot of emails from other members within the site especially if you're a member in a free dating site.

Just try to think that for every woman on the site, there are 2-3 males that she might be communicating with but if she will find a suitable match for her then she will also eliminate the rest of them. There are also new members of the site that will usually get more emails if their profile will be displayed on the front page of the website in some dating sites.

Be mindful to the complications of browsing through interstate and overseas profiles. Sometimes there will be times that you'll be interested to go and get in touch with someone who lives far away, but try to think first if you are ready for it since you may end up wasting your time, energy and effort.

If you're willing to start a long-distance relationship and if it will become successful, think of the possibility that one of you will relocate. This could be challenging for the person who will relocate since he or she needs to adjust to the new environment and people.

Don't compromise any of your other "must-haves," so that it can't ruin your relationship. If your goal is to get married and you feel you can only marry someone who comes from the same religion then don't date any woman who has another religious belief and practices. Don't pressure anyone to do anything the person doesn't feel comfortable doing.

Women like men who have dreams and goals in life. A woman wants to be inspired by a confident man who is willing to give her space that she needs in order for her to grow and develop her own talents and abilities.

Avoid making promises that you can't or will not fulfill while you're still dating a woman online because this can only make her feel upset and develop a deep mistrust in you. Instead, invite her to be with you as you pursue your dreams and passions in life.

Things You'll Need Before Joining Any Dating Site Online

A computer or laptop with an internet connection
At least two clear, recent photos of yourself (just yourself), in semi or formal attire
A unique and short description of yourself
You need to become a keen observer
A list of your interests and goals
A realistic list of "must haves" that you look for in a partner
A good and healthy attitude about yourself and other people
Time, patience and dedication


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