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It is obvious that more and more people are now signing up for online dating services and many have found that they just wasted their time in other online dating sites that were not that good in terms of their services. When I started to join in an online dating website, I read some trusted reviews first.

There are really some dating sites who have good services and you can just tell also by the way their websites were designed plus the welcoming feeling after you just signed-up for them. I had joined a good online dating website before and was glad to meet my husband in it. I was truly thankful I had joined, their service was truly outstanding and I am now happily married with him and we're blessed with a healthy daughter.

Some online dating service providers offer free sign ups for women and they only charge men in order for them to communicate with the women and this is the set-up with most Asian/Western dating sites but oftentimes most of the dating sites now would charged anyone after they had posted their profile and decide to respond to the emails they had received in the dating website that they have just joined in. Many would not mind for the money that they had paid if they know that the services of the dating website is truly good.

There are so many dating sites nowadays so it is important to read trusted reviews first before joining on any of them so that you wouldn't waste your time and money. Some may claim that they offer various services but after you have signed up and paid, you had realized that the dating site has bad services with few members in it. 

You can read some posted blogs of those people who have joined and they were the ones who are good sources of information since they knew the best and worst dating sites since these people had experienced the services of these dating site providers. If you want to join more than one dating website, you can also write your profile in advance, save it and then just copy and paste it so that you don't waste your time in filling up the things about yourself that they ask of you (ex. hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc.) These are the tips based on my experiences and I just want to share these things to my readers.

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Dating Site ReviewS

(Top 3 Best Performing Dating Sites For Online Dating)



 Dating Site


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Launched in 2000 & No. 1 trusted relationship services provider w/Compatibility Matching System that allows members to be matched with compatible persons with whom they are likely to enjoy a long-term relationship. Accurate matching where you can  truly meet quality Christian singles as compatible matches—no need to search! Top Pick
Matching Based on Christian Principles
eHarmony has helped millions of its members enjoyed lasting and successful relationships. They are the world's premier online relationship service that created matches that have resulted in thousands of successful marriages.

9.9 /10

2 - Grow in Faith, Fall in Love  

The most recognized and leading website for singles in the Catholic market in the US and abroad. Since 1999, Catholic Match has provided single Catholics the best opportunity to grow in their faith and fall in love in an environment focused on the values that make a successful marriage. 
It has an in-line chat system that is a first for any singles website, demonstrating a continuing commitment to a being a leader in technology and innovation. 
You can begin communicating with fun Christian singles through an "Exclusive Temperament Test" that allows members to get to know themselves and a potential spouse more deeply than at other sites. As a result, they could provide a preferred website dating experience and a better path to a successful and happy relationship.

Nationwide Leaderboard


CM Logo 130x85 


month guarantee -


Launched on the Web in April 1995 & helped pioneer the online dating industry & now services 40 countries w/15  languages, w/more than 100 million members, they create romantic opportunities so singles are more likely to find someone special. Redefines the way single men and women meet, date and fall in love proving that love can truly happen through online dating that can create lasting relationships. Give singles various free writing sections. Profiles may include 26 photos  and members can instantly see photos and read about potential matches in their area. Names and contact info of all members are kept confidential. Profile & photo were screened if it's appropriate before it’s posted to the site.


9.5/10 Good Latest Votes


#1 Site
 For Love -® Official Site 



Picking the Best Online Dating Sites

Finding a list of trusted and best performing dating sites is one goal that a good dating directory wants to achieve. Dating sites are everywhere in the worldwide web and tremendously growing in number. The competition is truly tight so it's best that you visit and test each dating site whether their providing their members the quality services by allowing them the easy access when they enter the dating site which is often referred to as the "dating community".

Usually, the question remains in the minds of these customers, "How can I trust these dating sites if I will post my pictures and other personal info that I have?" Online dating can truly be intimidating to some but can also be an enjoyable experience to others when they realize that they are a member of a trusted dating site and are able to find and use the functions easily as what they wish for in a particular dating community.

In addition to that, it is also important for any trusted dating site to have plenty of active members. If you're looking for dating sites that really offer updated and trusted services, then check first the first few pages of their dating site and try to consider if the registration won't take too long and if they offer valuable advice.

Most of the time, these dating sites want their members to have a complete profile, but well, sometimes they are also asking too much information and time from their customers. Many new members want to fill out only the basic details first and once they are contented with the dating site, then that's the time they will complete the rest.

Oftentimes, the last step of the registration process is to upload a member's photo and any trusted dating site should make this part the easiest and the most enjoyable. It is vital that a member should be given an option to skip this step if he or she doesn't have any available photo yet and can proceed in submitting the profile.

It is also good if these trusted dating sites can provide members with "who's online" since this is an indicator to the users that these dating sites have truly active members in it, adding a nice option for singles to apply on dating sites. This can also provide the new member an easy way to find who is online in their specific area and receive more exposure to other new members alike.

By providing a "Who's Online" link formatted on  the navigation bar encourages active members to log-in more often and possibly write, chat and exchange more emails. Allowing members to do a complete search on "Show All Members" box can also be an added bonus in these trusted dating sites. 

When you look for trusted dating sites, see if they will allow their members to know the status of their emails and inform users what happened to the email they had sent a few days ago to another member of the site if there was a response to it or it was just ignored and deleted. Some dating sites offer search by partial usernames and this is useful to members who will only remember part of the name of someone who had written to them once or twice.

These members would appreciate if they could find that person just by entering a part of the username during a username search. Dating sites that could send real-time notifications will gain trust if a new member has a recent email, this is an important part of making people excited about being a member of the online dating community.

Spend some time exploring the various trusted online dating sites and find the best that meets your needs today. The love of your life may come sooner than you expect! The trusted dating sites that appear on this page have high approval ratings for the online dating community although each and everyone is unique and you may find that your opinion might differ to other people.

Just enjoy the time while you are surfing the web and hopefully you will find the right dating site for you. If ever you decide that the dating sites listed here are among your preferred choices then you may simply click any of them below to view the dating site. Good luck and I hope you'll have a positive experience in joining any of the dating  sites that you have selected.




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