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How to Write a Breakup Letter Effectively

If ever you'll decide to write a breakup letter, you have to remember that it should be written in a nice, reasonable and meaningful way so that your partner who will receive it may accept the real message that you wanted to convey.

By writing a breakup letter, you can truly say everything what you're feeling without being interrupted. It is an excellent way for a person who has a difficult time expressing himself/herself to break the sad news to a loved one. 

Most people use a breakup letter because they have many important things to say and want to make sure that they can say all those things. Other people know how they truly feel but when they try to put it into words, they have difficulty in putting them altogether and won't come out right. The rest are just afraid that they will get very emotional and can't even say a word. 

If you are feeling this way then you may start writing a breakup letter to make it clear that you want to end the relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things you'll need:

  • Piece of paper or stationery with matching envelope
  • Sign pen or any writing pen
  • Stamps

1. Get a piece of paper and begin to write all the important things that you want to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Write everything first because this is not the breakup letter that you're going to send to him/her. This letter is only your draft.

2Avoid using words that will give your boyfriend or girlfriend false hopes. You might think that it could help reduce the emotional pain as the result of your decision but this could stop him/her from moving on so be cautious. You only need to be frank but not being cruel, harsh or heartless in writing a break up letter so that it becomes clear that you want to move on without him/her in your life.

3State the right reasons why you are finally breaking up with him/her. Do not leave him/her hanging by just wondering what went wrong.

4Encourage him/her to move on too with his/her life since both of you will be doing this after the breakup. Tell him/her that in spite of what happened, you still know that he/she is a good person and he/she will find the right person for him/her in the future.

5Write about the good times that both of you had shared in short sentences only. You can write longer sentences explaining the reasons why you would like to have a breakup. 

When stating your reasons, never put the blame on him/her because it is useless and unhealthy for both of you. If you want to mention a few of his/her shortcomings and mistakes in the relationship then you can do so in a nice and mild way but include also the shortcomings and mistakes that you had done.

6Apologize to him/her if you realized that you could have done better as a mate. Do not sound too emotional in the way you write your brief apology to him/her because he/she may think that you did something wrong and you're prompted by a sense of guilt that's why you're leaving. 

Avoid giving the wrong impression so that he/she will not respond to your breakup letter telling you that he/she doesn't mind your shortcomings and mistakes and is willing to forget about them as long as you get back with him/her.

7Thank him/her for the wonderful times that you shared together. You owe him/her that recognition whatever the circumstances leading to your breakup may have been. Make him/her feel that you're just thankful for those times. Wish him/her well, and then end the letter.

8Keep the letter precise. No one wants to read a very long breakup letter, so avoid writing more than one page.

9Do not send the breakup letter immediately after writing it. Try to read it again the following day so that you can review it and still make some changes if you want to.

10Place the letter in the envelope, put the stamp/stamps and mail it. 

Tips & Warnings

  • You may choose to send the final copy of the breakup letter in your own penmanship or handwriting to make it personal.

  • Hope and pray that he/she will understand your decision as soon as possible.

  • Don't break up with your partner during the holidays especially in the month of February.

  • Make sure that your partner understands that the relationship is truly over. Expect the unexpected after you mail the breakup letter to him/her and be considerate if he/she might get so upset or angry. If ever he/she wants to talk over the phone, you need to stay calm and humble.

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