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How to Tell if your Boyfriend Become A Good Husband

When a woman is already considering a serious relationship leading to marriage, she also needs to consider how to figure out whether her boyfriend will become a good husband. When you think about your boyfriend, do you see him as a good husband in case you'll get married to him? If you're a woman who may have this very important issue in life on how to tell if your boyfriend will make a good husband then you need to study and observe his personality traits. 

This is something worth thinking about especially if you're a marriage minded single who wants to have a serious and lasting relationship. There are men who are only good in making an instant decision to make that longest walk down the aisle but aren't committed towards a lifelong relationship. 

If you're a woman who is ready to settle down, you need to determine if your boyfriend is a helpmate before you'll invest too much time, dedication and effort in the relationship. Look for important signs that will suggest whether your boyfriend shall one day really want to become your other half.

Is he the one? You may be able to determine by the help of the following guideline below:

1Observe how your boyfriend behaves and looks at other women. If he's not going to stop staring at them when you're still dating, chances are, he's not going to stop even when you're married. Study how he treats you when you go out in public places because this will be one of the signs that may lead you to think whether he'll be a good husband. Faithfulness and honesty are the most important components in being a good husband.

2Consider how he talks about the future. If your boyfriend is ready and open to a deeper commitment then he will habitually use phrases like "we can do it", "our lives together", "we will think about it" or "for us." Generally, a man who is single-minded will talk more often about the future in terms of himself in it only. This will give you an indication concerning where his primary focus is, so be mindful when the two of you are having a serious conversation with regards to family life or about the future. 

You need to consider these vital things like whether both of you plan to have kids or not. This is an important aspect to take into account and you should know if he really wants to have kids or not. Observe how he treats children or his own if he has any from a previous relationship. Your boyfriend should be able to include you in his future plans and is deeply interested and excited on how you'll live your lives together as a couple.

3Be mindful of how your boyfriend tries to make you happy by getting rid some aspects of his behavior that you don't agree with. If he knows that you don't want to be with a man who allows himself to be controlled by alcohol or drug addiction then he should stop drinking or taking drugs. 

If you think that the manner of conducting oneself is a very important aspect to become a good hubby then he should know how to respect your beliefs and values. If he is totally willing to give up his bad habits for the betterment of your relationship then this is a positive sign that he will become a good husband.

4Observe your man when you're around with your male friends or co-workers. Does he talk negatively about them in an angry manner? If he does then your man could easily get jealous that will make your relationship difficult to handle especially when he'll become your husband. 

Study how he conducts himself when he is with his friends too. Does he call your name often to ask you to get his friends something to drink or get him something that he immediately need while he's with them? If your boyfriend is doing this to you then he might be showing to his friends that he can easily control you. A good husband will not treat his wife like a servant. He will always respect, care and lend a helping to his wife.

5Notice how your boyfriend acts when he is angry or upset. If he can't control his temper and is able to hurt you emotionally, mentally and physically then there is a big possibility that he will continue to do this and may hurt you even more when you'll get married. A good husband will try his best to make himself calm in times of challenges and difficulties in life in order for your relationship to work well. 

It is normal that there are certain times when couples disagree but not to the point that they constantly yell at each other, keep bringing up past mistakes that had nothing to do with the present argument and end up hurting the other partner physically. An abusive boyfriend will never become a good husband. A man can still argue by simply presenting his side of the issue in an adult way and manner.

6Pay attention on how your guy spends his money. Men who spend money impulsively could be very vulnerable at cheating on their girlfriends. This may not true to all but just look for important signs that tell you that he is responsible with his money like paying his bills on time. While still single, you need to be more observant of your partner. 

He will only become a good husband if he knows how to spend his money wisely and responsibly. You need to consider that in the first year of marriage, there will be a big possibility that you'll stay at home for awhile to take care of your first born. A stingy boyfriend may also not be the type of man whom you'll want to become a husband since he could treat you like a child and not his equal partner in life. 

So is he the sharing type? A good partner should know how to share what he has so try to look for clues that will tell you that he is capable of sharing his blessings like giving gifts during important occasions and events in life. If your boyfriend keeps his money greedily like Scrooge or spends it only for himself then this is a bad sign.

7Study the way your boyfriend introduces you to other people. Has he introduced you to all the important people in his life? Men often refrain or wouldn't even mind with these important introductions if they aren't serious and committed to the women they are with. If he acts proud, excited and happy to introduce you to his family, close friends and other people in his life then this could be one sign that he'll be a good husband because he honors you.

8Examine how your boyfriend communicates and shares his feelings towards you. There may be times that your boyfriend will have a lesser time in communicating his feelings that may cause you to feel unappreciated, disliked and unloved. 

He should know how to open up his feelings and emotions to make the relationship more stronger. You can also determine if your boyfriend shall become a good husband if he knows how to make you feel special and appreciated by his actions and by giving you those simple words of appreciation.

9Be mindful whether your boyfriend is the kind of person who usually offers a helping hand. This shows that he really cares for you. When your man knows that you are tired or not feeling well, he should be considerate and show some compassion by doing those things or chores so that you can rest for awhile. A good husband knows how to surprise his wife with her favorite flowers, meal or by just being there to help her because these little things can make all the difference in the world to a wife.

10Take note if your boyfriend is interested to listen to the things that you wish him to hear. Women often tend to hold things inside but if your man is caring and loving enough then he can distinguish that there is something wrong even when you say that there isn't. He pays special attention to everything that will bring happiness to both of you.

11Observe the manner of your boyfriend when he interacts with his own mother. If he doesn't respect her in any way then he may not likely respect you at all when you'll become his wife. Watch how your boyfriend treats his family especially the women because this is an indication how he will treat you and also the women in your family. 

If your guy is a mama' s boy then you may see him devote an extra amount of time only to his mother. This could also mean that even if he's already married to you, he'll still cling to his mother more often for advice, affection and care that could annoy or upset you.

12Observe how he enjoys his time when spending it with you. If he loves to spend time with you by going out or just talking anything under the sun then this is a positive sign that he will be a good husband and you'll be happy in each another's company especially if both of you have enough things in common. 

This is an important factor to consider because once you're married, the challenges of a new relationship can be overwhelming. Both of you need to adjust with what's going on in your life like careers, kids, basic needs, bills, etc. If both of you know how to enjoy spending time together then you'll have something to fall back on in maintaining a harmonious and loving relationship.  

Tips & Warnings:

Your boyfriend should know how to value you as the most special person in his life and gives importance to your relationship.

If your man is an optimist, there is a very good chance that he'll become a good husband because he can inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams in life. 


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