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Making a man fall in love and stay with you actually takes time and effort on your part. If there is a man who has captured your attention and you want him to notice then there are some things that you need to learn how to attract him.

Making the right moves to earn his attention, respect and love, can be challenging on a woman's side but this article may contain helpful advice on how to make a guy fall in love and stay with you.

First of all, you need to exhibit confidence. It will come if you know what you want. Confidence also comes if you know yourself better. Loving the way you are as a unique person blessed by talents or abilities is the best way of having real confidence. If you display true confidence that will not be seen in an arrogant way, then you are also telling the people around you that you're worthy to be loved.

When you know how to love and be proud of yourself and show love to people then people will also love you in return and be attracted to you. True love and confidence will provide you the positive results that you always want to receive in life.

Confidence that stems or starts from truly being comfortable within your own self is something that you can never fake. There are some people who have fake confidence that is why they look arrogant, full of oneself, loud, noisy and mischievous that is why they usually have a difficult time to be around with someone for a long-term relationship.

Take note that confidence that is deeply rooted with a true sense of self-worth will definitely attract people, including the man in your life. He will admire this positive factor from you and may truly love you  because you have one of the positive aspects in life that he also values. This type of self-confidence can make you sexy and appealing to him. Keep in mind that a man will easily be turned off with a woman who has a sour attitude, showy and the kind of person who keeps on whining about how awful she looks and feels.

It's not advisable that a woman keeps on telling her man about her flaws repeatedly because it can also annoy him. A woman with a positive and calm disposition in life is what every man needs and if you have this one then you'll be able to make him fall in love and stay with you unless you're unlucky to have a man who likes trouble and has a negative outlook in the way he sees things in life.

Aside from being confident, you also need to take care of yourself. It is important to maintain your beauty. It doesn't matter whether or not you were naturally born with it because what's important is that you know how to groom yourself. You need to make yourself beautiful not only for other people around but for yourself as well. Simply enhance your appearance by taking care of yourself and always put your best food forward.

Maintain your beauty and avoid hiding it away from those old-fashioned clothes such as baggy pants and large t-shirts. Because of these things, men will not realize and see how beautiful you can look if you continue to do it. Once in a while, treat yourself by buying a nice, updated and simple dress (doesn't need to be expensive) with a pair of shoes that will match your outfit because you are worthy of it. A bad hair cut can also hide your pretty face and dirty finger nails means that you don't care about personal hygiene.

Avoid showing yourself when you have something new just to receive compliments from your man. Avoid giving him compliments too often also because you may look childish in his eyes. Just be honest when complimenting your guy and expect honesty in return. A woman should also avoid comparing her boyfriend's demeanor and behavior to her ex boyfriend or friends. 

Men love to receive compliments and flattery just like women do. Just tell your guy how you appreciate him. Simple and heartfelt compliments such as, "I'm really happy because you always have shown to me how you truly care sweetie", or "I appreciate so much for the way you take care of me, thank you honey" can lift his spirit high. Always try to recognize and appreciate a man's comfort zone when he steps out of it just for you. Acknowledge and value his sincere efforts in doing these important things that he has offered and appreciate it by letting him know how you also value those undertakings that he had provided for you.

Avoid making assumptions and accusations because this will only lead into too much trouble. Be open and talk to your man. You also need to know when is the right time to speak up as well as when to keep quiet. Communicate with him and let him know that you were bothered by some of his actions or undertakings so that he can clearly explain it to you. Avoid jumping in to something before you have thought it well and after you had listened to his explanation then it's up to you to weigh things out if he is telling the truth or not.

Give your man space. If he feels that his privacy and freedom has been taken away from him due to the relationship that both of you are having, then let him do what he wants until such time that he will learn his own lesson. Your man also needs to realize that he has to grow emotionally mature so that he will deserve to be someone like you. 

It's also advisable that you need to be firm with your decisions and strong at the right time. Generally, a man secretly admires when a woman is assertive, calm and confident enough to stick up for what she knows and believe is right. It's not good that you will just allow your man to walk all over you just because he knows that you love him. It is hard to be with a person who does not respect you. 

Be your man's best friend. Any guy will always want to be with someone who is going to treat him with love and respect. Being nice to him as well as getting along with the important people in his life will make you the most important person that he wants to be with. 

Since your man spends his time together with you, he also keeps on observing the way you treat other people so if you're the type who always complain about everything and can't even comment nice things about others, then your man will soon realize and learn that whatever beauty that you have is "plastic" and only on the surface. He may always think that you're just acting every time that he's around.

So try develop yourself on being good to others and avoid too much negativity in life if you want to make a man to fall in love and stay with you. If your someone special sees that you are truly friendly and have a positive outlook in life then he will look forward in spending his special time together with you.

Make an effort to present yourself as respectable and attractive in your appearance and actions. Learn how to handle over your emotions because a nagging, whining, and yelling partner will only make you super unattractive. 

This does not necessarily mean that you need to be silent all the time even if you feel that you have the right things to say at the moment. It means that if your idea or opinion is  correct and it was not accepted by your partner, it's still not proper to yell, nag or whine.

Keep your body in shape. It can boost your self-confidence and a healthy-looking body also  means that you truly care about yourself. A toned body is sexy and physically attractive. 

Your guy will admire you for it and will be proud every time he will be seen together with you, a normal feeling that anybody may probably feel. Even women will be proud as well when they will be seen together with a man who knows how to care of his own body.

It's important to be healthy because you'll also feel weak when you don't know how to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. As much as possible, avoid being too skinny because men usually don't want a skeleton woman. Eat and don't be so conscious much about the way you look since most men will also be turned off by a very picky eater.

Don't forget the saying "The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Even if your boyfriend or husband knows how to cook, he will still like that someone can cook for him especially if he has a type of work that requires to exert a lot of mental or physical strength. 

Men generally loves to feel being pampered by their partners in life. Your caring and pampering will make them feeling truly special. Everyone loves to feel this way so every time that you can offer this to him, then his love for you will also increase even more. 


Be open to what he wants to do as well as support and share his interests as much as possible. If you take interest in his hobbies then he will also do the same thing for you and the two of you will become more closer to each other. Being passionate about each others interests in life makes a relationship stronger too. Your man will be happy and excited talking about the things that he likes to do as well as listen to your hobbies too.

It's also important that the two of you are treating each other about the same level of attention with regards to your passions and hobbies in life. Finding a way into each others hearts makes a good and healthy connection towards one another. You can simply make your man happy if you notice what he really likes and hopefully he will do the same thing for you.

Women generally love to be touched by their partners in a caring way. Men on the other hand will also long for a woman's touch too such as touching the place near his heart or running your fingers through your man's hair which will also include his neck. This will provide your guy the security and confidence that you still care and find him attractive at the same time.

Have a sense of humor. Generally, men like to tell jokes as well as listen to some especially if you're able to tell a unique one. Avoid looking like you're "trying so hard" just to make him laugh because it may provide a fake laughter coming from him. Don't forget to display your beautiful smile every time he cracks a joke so that your lovely face will stick to his mind especially if there are times that your guy misses you in times that you're not physically together. 

Avoid being so very funny often where you may look like a crazy clown to your boyfriend. Know by heart what makes him simply smile or laugh. Don't be so serious in life. It's ok to laugh at yourself sometimes and laugh with him too but not to the point that it will make him disrespectful of you. Allow your man to be the comedian because generally, guys love to see when their partners laugh at their jokes.

Refrain from giving any advice to your special someone unless you are asked. Avoid being always there for your boyfriend and acts like his mom. Don't spoil him by being too available every time that he needs you as if you're already his slave. You shouldn't be too far away from him also or unavailable most of the time. Any relationship needs a healthy balance so think very carefully prior making important decisions especially if you take your relationship to the next level. 

If you are pregnant and is thinking of moving in together, make sure that having a baby is not the entire reason for the two of you to be engaged and be married. Feel deeply if you truly love him or he is also in love with you before thinking of moving the relationship on to the next level. Unconditional love takes a lot of patience, sacrifices and understanding from both partners and you should also talk about what to expect from each other in case this will be your decision. 

Is your guy ready for a committed relationship or is he the type of person who still wants to go constantly with his friends and have a good time? Is he mature enough to take the responsibilities of being a husband and a dad? Does he have a job that can support his new family? Avoid doing anything that you think is not right just to win a man over and keep him because you'll be the one who shall suffer in the long run.

Men are not mind readers so let him know what you like, what you want and what made you feel upset if he has done something wrong. Say sorry when you're wrong, in this way, you're also showing your man that acknowledgment or admission is the best way of letting him know that you were remorseful but don't always expect one in return because no one is perfect. 

When you will argue with your boyfriend or husband, try to listen to what he is saying and avoid making unnecessary threats and learn when to stop. Stand behind your man and pray that your relationship with him will continue to be healthy and enduring. These are some tips that may lead your boyfriend or husband to love you and stay with you. 

Men and women are indeed different and it's common for most women to be puzzled or even feel lost sometimes when it comes to reading their men. There are also men who are difficult to read so women should open their minds and hearts to achieve the relationship that they want from their men. It could be frustrating sometimes, although avoid showing him that you are bothered so much on how to understand the way he thinks. 

You may be able to avoid a relationship that will just easily end and leave you standing in the dark wondering what had you had done or never had done in order to strengthen it. Take note that there are some ways in order to keep that from happening although it's not also good to totally blame yourself if in case your relationship won't work out as what you expected it to be. A good relationship takes two people to nourish it. However, as long as you live, you'll always experience the positive and negative aspects or sides of life that can also make you strong. 




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