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How to Make Your Online Dating Profile Effective

Whether your dating offline or online, you need to have patience because in reality...everything that's important to your life takes precious time and hard work especially when it comes to love. In online dating, your profile needs to be made properly because it gives the first impression. 

It makes a potential match want to know you more if he or she sees a nice and wonderful profile. The following steps will help your profile stand out and be more effective.




Things you'll need:

Clear Picture or pictures

1. Try to stay positive in the way create your profile if you decide to register for online dating. Almost everyone had bad relationships in life so you don't need to remember and talk about them in your profile because it can bring a negative impact or impression for your potential partner. 

It can send a bad message to your potential online dates that you don't know how to handle and maintain a loving relationship or you are just a pessimistic person that's why you had a history of unhealthy relationships. So remember not to dwell on your previous heartaches or bad relationships. 

You don't have to hide it either. If you really want to disclose the negative life experiences that you had then try to sound that you were done with it, had moved on to become a better person and you had learned a good lesson out from them.

2. Be truthful when you are filling up the dating site forms especially your age. Online dating gives many misrepresentations but the people who succeed in online dating are mostly those who are honest and serious in finding a committed relationship. 

There are many couples who are happy and successful in their relationships online because they were truthful during the time that they joined these dating sites. Honesty and confidence attracts potential partners so when you write a dating profile, describe your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

3. Do not waste time by corresponding to people whom you're really not interested. Just because the one whom you really liked didn't respond your email sooner than you wanted then you will just answer this other person whom who emailed you weeks ago is not being fair. Better try to register to another dating site with lots of members so that you'll have more exposure for compatible partners.

4. Try to be a bit direct when you write your profile like what you are looking for. Do some profile searching too so that you can see what others are writing and you'll have an idea to decide what's best for you when you already post your profile. 

A vague profile will not attract the people whom you wish to know. You need to have a good profile in order to have a wonderful dating experience. 

Tips & Warnings

  • The most important thing when you join any dating site is be proud, honest and comfortable with your dating profile. Talk about the great things you can do and what you love in life. For example, if you are good in painting, write about it and post a few pictures where you are enjoying painting in your profile. 

    Remember that there are people who also like paintings and they could become your good match too. Please also consider a happy face showing your best facial features with regards to your main picture in your dating profile. 

    A clear and right head angle shot taken from a digital camera would be nice. Avoid looking like a clown in your main picture profile. It would be good if you look just natural without a heavy makeup on.

  • Don't write too much in your profile. It's not a book for sale. Only write the things that is necessary in connection to yourself.



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