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How to Approach Women Properly 

When you want to approach and talk to women, just be yourself and relax. Women are very sensitive beings and they can immediately sense if you are nervous or tense and they might wonder if you have bad intentions for them. 

Men struggle to approach women when they get so conscious of themselves so try to eliminate too much self-consciousness as if you're always being watched. There is no reason for men to be shy when you want to approach women as long as your intentions are good.


What you'll need:

  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Positive attitude
    • 1

      Think of any good intention before you try to approach any woman. Ask yourself: What is the reason why I want to talk to her? You should have a purpose so that you can think beforehand the things you want to say prior to approaching her. 

      Planning ahead of time is the most important thing so that the right words will come smoothly from your mouth. Never memorize any words because it will only make you stammer. You should have presence of mind and a positive attitude.

    • 2

      Try to be yourself and act natural when you approach a woman. Confidence is also important but be aware not to come across as being arrogant. 

      Remember that arrogance is an offensive display of superiority or self-importance and this is absolutely a turn-off for women.

    • 3

      Give a woman your sweet smile. Women can't resist a great smile and it also gives a happy mood. Take note that smiling can help relieve stress and if stress is reduced then you'll be able to think and talk a lot better before you approach her. 

      If you approach a woman with a genuine smile, there is a big possibility that she will also smile back at you. If you think that you don't have a great smile, just try to smile with your mouth closed.

    • 4

      Make a good eye contact. Remember that when you approach a woman, she may easily read through your eyes if you're a fake or just talking nonsense. Avoid staring a woman's body because this will only mean that you're only interested to her physical looks.

    • 5

      Be courteous. If you approach any woman with respect through your polished manners then there is a big possibility that you'll be dating her soon.

      A woman is a human being like yourself so if you think that she looks so beautiful and perfect, you need to remind yourself that she has flaws too like anyone else. Just be courteous, kind and confident then there is a big possibility that she will treat you the same way.

Tips & Warnings

  • Learn how to cope up when you'll get rejected. The truth is, even if you are good on how to approach women, there will be a time that you'll get rejected, although those few experiences will also make you more stronger when it comes to approaching any woman that you'll like. 

    This may also lead you to the most suitable lady whom will eventually say yes to you. Therefore, keep your spirits up and continue to learn on how to properly approach women.

  • It would be helpful on your part to visit places that interest you. In  this way, you'll also get a chance to know and approach a woman who has the same interests or hobbies like yours. 

    Try visiting places that you like going or you're active with such as a bookstore, restaurant, gym or cafe so that you can increase your chances talking to a woman with the same interests like yours. 

    The bottom line is if you want to approach a woman you only need to be calm, true (be yourself) and honest then the rest will just fall in to place.

  • Try to avoid talking about the negative things about your past relationship in order to get a woman's attention.



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