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Will My Boyfriend Become A Good Husband?

When a woman is already considering a serious relationship leading to marriage, she also needs to consider how to figure out whether her boyfriend will become a good husband. When you think about your boyfriend, do you see him as a good husband in case you'll get married to him? If you're a woman who may have this very important issue in life on how to tell if your boyfriend will make a good husband then you need to study and observe his personality traits. 

This is something worth thinking about especially if you're a marriage minded single who wants to have a serious and lasting relationship. There are men who are only good in making an instant decision to make that longest walk down the aisle but aren't committed towards a lifelong relationship. 

If you're a woman who is ready to settle down, you need to determine if your boyfriend is a helpmate before you'll invest too much time, dedication and effort in the relationship. Look for important signs that will suggest whether your boyfriend shall one day really want to become your other half. read more...

 How to Avoid A Relationship With A Married Friend

Marriage is a very close and intimate union between two people. When a person gets married, he/she also needs to adhere to his/her promises, obligations and commitment in order for the marriage to work. 

However good or close your friends are to you, it is important that there should be a limitation of that closeness especially when you're already married. Crossing the borderline of that friendship by having a romantic relationship can only hurt other people's lives. A friendship that will develop into romance is an ideal one only if both people are not yet married. read more...

Love Relationship with Your Foreign Wife

Many women found the love of their life through online dating. The number of foreign women who married men overseas is tremendously increasing. For these women, their lives had totally changed when they were brought by their husbands in a foreign country. Their experiences may vary and it could be positive or negative depending on the kind of men that they had met online. read more...

Living With A Foreign Husband Whom You Met Online

Living abroad with a foreign husband is truly challenging to any woman who had dated online. Dating is a lot different when the two of you are already living together. Online dating sites had been a gateway for many people who decided to live together away from their own country. There are many challenges that you'll be facing when you have a foreign husband but both of will have a happy and fulfilling relationship if you care, respect and support each other. read more...

A Single's Guide Towards a Successful Marriage

There are right reasons why a person wants to get married. If you are still single, don’t be in a hurry to get married because of the reason that you're getting older. Avoid the obsession with getting married. You need to ask yourself and your significant other some pertinent questions if both of you are ready. 

Never plan out any details of your wedding if you're not yet even engaged. Wait for Mr. Right because he will just come right on time in the most unexpected way. Avoid talking openly about your ideal and perfect wedding, your future husband may not appear and this will only lead to an emotional pain on your side. read more...



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