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When it comes to expressing feelings, men are different from women. In general, men will really try conceal their feelings as much as possible. This is usually the difference between most men and women when it comes to exhibiting their true feelings inside. 

Most men want to hide it because this is also what society expects from them (traditional way) while women on the other hand, may just vocally say what's on their mind and are generally more affectionate. If you're a woman who likes your man to tell you how he misses you as well as get the true affection from him, then you may want to read some suggested ways in doing so.

Avoid initiating a call every time you feel that both of you were not able to talk for quite some time. He should also call you from time to time and try to schedule a date so that both of you can meet and have a face-to-face conversation every now and then. If you feel that you need to initiate a call, do not take it so long when talking with him over the phone. Men can also call their girlfriends if they "really" want to know how they are doing and not always the other way around most of the time.

This is also one way of testing your boyfriend if he really is concern about you. If he just waits that you're the only one who keeps on asking him on how he is doing then it could be unfair on your side. A loving relationship needs a healthy balance coming from both partners who truly care and love one another.

Taking care of each other by simply asking how the other person is doing, will create an ideal relationship that has a strong foundation that could even last a lifetime. Be aware that any guy who really wants to spend his time with you should also inquire about your free time so that you can also spend it with together with him as a couple. Avoid pampering your boyfriend all the time such as offering services or favors especially for him.

This may make him "too much" secure, confident and comfortable in the relationship that could provide a negative impact. Taking the other partner for granted is one of the main causes why many relationships have ended and sometimes too late to build them back. You also need to let him realize that both of you need to offer emotional support, attention and other important things that can make the relationship stronger.Encourage him to stand on his own feet. Try to spend some quality time with your friends too because if you're constantly with your man, it could make the relationship somewhat boring. Both of you also need a separate time from each other. Make him experience and realize that it's different whenever you're not around. Seeing each other less than you normally would do will make your man miss you as well as appreciate the things that you do too.

In this way, he may always want to be with you whenever you have a free time. Aside from this, if you're with him, his full attention and focus will totally only be for you. Don't be afraid that he will cheat whenever you're away from him because cheating is truly a sign that your man no longer respects you. If this happens, then you need to wake up so that you will not be imprisoned in a bad relationship. Take note that when there is "respect" in a relationship, "love" is also present within it.

Emotional connection to your boyfriend is vital in any relationship but also try to lessen it once in a while if you think that he is no longer treating you as a girlfriend but a mother. Offering too much emotional care and attention could also send a negative and wrong signal to the man that you're with. 

Avoid allowing him to feel that he can get everything what he wants from you. However, this will also depend on the type of man that you are having a connection with because some men will truly appreciate this type of emotional attachment from their girlfriends and in turn, they will also do the same in order to strengthen the relationship.

Do the things that you love to do. Respect and take good care of yourself too, so that people will also treat you the same way. This does not necessarily mean that you will become selfish. Make your man feel that if he is not there with you, there are also important things that you can do in life in order to develop your talents and abilities. 

Every human being has a unique and wonderful gift that can be improved. In this way, if your man knows that your time is precious, he will truly miss you and make your free time the most awaited moment that he is willing to wait for, so that he can be together with you. True love can only be achieved if there is respect coming from two individuals who want to stay together as a couple. 


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