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      If you are one of the online daters who want to investigate your online lover then you can just use your computer that is connected to the internet and look for public records or free information. Since online dating has become more popular these days, some online daters are now considering to investigate and research about their online lovers before pursuing any serious relationship leading to marriage. 

      There are some online daters who are honest but it can't be avoided that some also want to lie and misrepresent themselves in order to fool other singles online. Unfortunately, there were some cases were online daters who joined in dating sites that have been financially taken advantage of by somebody whom they had met online. Below are the steps on how to investigate and research the background of your online date.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things you'll need:

Computer, internet connection, time to research or investigate, common sense, fee for a complete and all-inclusive background report if you're willing to pay an online investigative service

1. Give yourself ample time to investigate and research. If you know the full name of your online date and where he or she works then start searching for free information on the search engines. You may find several names that are the same after your initial research if his or her name is common but just try to read the content on the given links highlighted to see if it's the same person whom you are looking for. 

Don't feel guilty as if you're spying on the individual because you are just protecting yourself before meeting anyone in person. It is important that you should know your online date's real name, work and location before starting to discuss a face to face meeting in public.

2Take down notes of the valuable information you can read through your research about your online date especially if you think that the relationship is getting serious. Honesty is truly important in any relationship especially if you think that you're falling in love with this person. You need to check out everything what your online date is telling you to avoid heartaches and troubles in the long run.

3. Don't trust anyone easily. When you are interested in meeting someone personally then look at their entire dating profile. Try to ask yourself some questions. Do you see some signs of deep frustration, anger or rebellion towards friends, family or previous lovers if he/she has some? Was there a history of continuous and unsuccessful relationships? 

Is he/she the type of person who thinks that he/she is always right? Does the person appear to be the one whom he/she describes him/her to be? Does he/she look decent in his/her picture? Is the picture clear or is he/she hiding part of his/her face to avoid something? Are there red flags in his/her essays? If so, be very cautious and use your common sense.

4Talk about your online date to your closest friends and family so that they can give you helpful advice. If some of your closest friends use the same dating site, ask them if they had encountered this person online. Sometimes your closest friends could have exchanged a few emails or had already met this same person in the same dating site. If they haven't then it is also just fine to tell about the dating experiences you had with the people whom you trust and so close to you.

5Use your common sense and be extra careful of online daters who do not send clear pictures from time to time attached to their emails. Take note that most singles who date online want nothing more but an honest love relationship with someone will always try to send clear and happy photos of themselves preferably with their pets, family and friends. This could also mean that they are not afraid to expose these crystal clear photos if they are not hiding anything from you.

6Research for court records online that are available on public viewing in some states and counties. Just try to enter his/her full name and address. If you have his/her date of birth then this will be more helpful because there are several people who share the same name. 

Check for speeding tickets and criminal court records. It is better to know this in advance before your relationship gets more serious with him/her. At least your eyes are wide open if ever you'll decide to continue on with your relationship with this type of person.

7Purchase a complete and all-inclusive background report if you're willing to pay an online investigative service that does this type of work. You might never know that the person you've been dating online is already married or if he/she was really telling you his/her real name and age so a paid-report from a trusted service can also help. Trust is not easy to build and it can only be gained through a certain period of time.

Check Your Mate Before You Date!

Tips & Warnings

  • Watch out for people who easily gets angry, confuse, needy or who always disclose personal problems in their profiles. This is one of the signs that this person is not ready for a healthy romantic relationship.

  • Don't share personal information such as your last name, home phone, address or workplace until you feel comfortable with the person. Be cautious when dating online. While some online daters are emotionally healthy and honest, many have bad character and are truly dangerous.

  • Search the court records of every state and county lived in to ensure that you have a complete picture. Note the names of possible friends and relatives. One of these may be a current or previous spouse.

  • Some people who are without conscience actually make a career out of preying on the emotions of others and enjoy playing with dishonesty. You need to be careful in exposing yourself to the unscrupulous people online. Save yourself some grief and make sure that you are getting a clear picture about who this person really is and not putting yourself in a position to be victimized by someone you could not locate and identify. Beware of any online date whom you feel that he/she is hiding something from you.

  • It is important to keep in mind while investigating that anyone has certain rights to his/her own privacy. It is generally illegal to do any video and audio surveillance, secretly obtain a credit report, or monitor computer activity without the consent of the person. - Deep End Dating


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